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How do you know if you are going through menopause

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Some symptoms of menopause are Irregular vaginal bleeding, Hot flashes & night sweats, Emotional and cognitive symptoms MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-know-if-you-are-going-through-menopause ]
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I have not had a period since May of 2008 and it is March of 2009. In 2008 I only had two periods and one lasted (2) weeks and was very bad. In 2007 I only three on four. I am 46 years old and am not taking any med for menopause, but I have...
When you begin to notice the signs of menopause, either you'll suspect the approach of menopause on your own, or your doctor will put two and two together when you report your symptoms. Two tests can help to determine what's going on and wh...
It is possible you are peri-menopausal although you are a little younger than average; the peri-menopause can last for several years. I would advice you make an appointment with your GP as your doctor will be able to check your hormone leve...

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Help my wife is going through menopause and feels really bad about it?
Q: She just found out last week that she is going through menopause. she feels really bad about it because she feels extremely old now she's only 46. she has been crying all day. she keeps telling me that she is getting gray hair, she is getting old and that i won't love her anymore. all of a sudden she wants to have a baby i don't know what is up with that. she won't come out of the room, she won't put any make up on and she doesn't want to talk to anyone. what do i do?
A: =[I would like to tell you that this is completly normal for a woman to be going through during menopause...it's as if ALL of her emotions during her menstrual cycle's are comming in a combining into ONE HUGE EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS, your wife is having normal feelings though, most woman if not ALL woman go through this at this time.It will pass believe it or not, just give her some time what you can do is help her understand that she is still the woman that you love, some i suggest buying so roses for her, making her favorite food, asking about her day, saying that she is beautiful every morning and every night, say that you love her constantly.....EDIT:Also make her understand that she is NOT less of a woman because of this, make her feel like a strong woman, beautiful, and wonderful woman. Take care of her but step back at the same time, call her sexy, spice up your sex life, make her feel at her best, because woman at this time believe that their "life is over" because they are old and there is nothing left to do now but wait and die. Show her to enjoy life! =]You are the hubby and you have a job to do =] Make your wife the queen of the world, show her she is the only one that matters, good luck! it won't last forever, just be there for her, it is a LOT of work and it may not be fair, but like I said it won't last forever just make her feel special it will mean so much to her.....good luck and it's wonderful that you care so much about her, you must love her so much.
How can you tell if your mom is going through menopause?
Q: I don't even know if I spelled the word 'menopause' right, but how do you know if your mom is going through it? What are some signs?
A: Your mom would experience hot flashes, night sweats and chills which are the common menopause symptoms. Such symptoms are extremely uncomfortable where most women definitely looking for a relief to ease the discomfort. Try an all natural health product for such condition just like Hot Flash Freedom.
Can a 29 year old go through menapause? How can you tell if you are going through menopause? I think Im going?
Q: How can you tell if you are going through menopause at age of 29. I had a tubal done in november and was on my period. I haven't had one since. I am 29 and having bad hot flashes and mood swings.
A: Your Dr can tell with a simple blood test....

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