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How do you get tested for endometriosis

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Endometriosis is diagnosed by: physical exam, laparoscopy (only definite way), transvaginal ultrasound and/or other tests. Thanks! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-get-tested-for-endometriosis ]
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How do i get tested for endometriosis?
The ONLY accurate way to test for endometriosis is by a laparoscopic procedure. Other than that they just play the guessing game by listening to your symptoms. Talk to your GP and explain your symptoms. If they think you have endo they'll r...
Can you test negative for endometriosis and get it later on??
I have heard of women who have had a negative laparoscopy for endo and then a few years later have another one where they found endo. I think it's definitely possible that endo could have developed over the past couple of years. You should ...

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How do i get tested for endometriosis?
Q: I think i might have it but im not sure. I live in different city than my gyno (i go back at xmas when i see my family) and would like to see as soon as i can if i have it or not.How do i get tested and who do i call? Thanks
A: My best advice would be to make an appointment with a local gynecologist and get checked out there. Don't wait until Christmas.The sooner you can get checked out, the better!
Q: Could anyone out there help me with tips to get my doctor to send me to the public hospital gynacologist to be tested for endometriosis? I saw my private specialist last year who suspects it and wants to do a laproscopy but I can't afford the cost (which was close to 4 thousand).. my doctor keeps saying at my age its not possible (20), but every single female in my family has this condition and im sick of living in pain!!Thanks :-)
A: I completely understand your pain. I have endometriosis and it was such a pain in the a** getting it diagnosed. I would keep trying or find a new doctor. You are not too young to have it and to preserve your fertility you need to get to the bottom of this. {Hugs} The only way to technically diagnose it is from a laproscopy, but if you can't afford it you can find a doctor who will be willing to treat you as if you had been diagnosed. Meaning s/he would give you the medications used to treat it to see if they can get you to be in less pain or pain free. I have had two laproscopys and I take birth control pills so that I don't get a period and I no longer have to take vicodin everyday for pain. If I do get breakthrough bleeding, Advil or darvocet generally take the edge off. I still have pain but not like 5 years ago when I found out I had it. I'm 27 now.Take care and I hope you get someone willing to listen to you and help you!
Could I have Endometriosis? How is it tested for?
Q: I saw an episode of "From Here To Maternity" last year sometime and a woman was discussing her struggles with Endometriosis. She explained her symptoms and I had a terrifying realisation that many of her symptoms I suffer myself.- VERY irregular period cycle. I have skipped a month here and there.- VERY painful periods, but ONLY on the first day of bleeding. Most of the time I am cooped up on the couch or in bed with a heat pack unable to move. I got my last period while at work and when I got home an hour later I sat in the corner of the kitchen for about 15 minutes unwilling to stand up from the pain.- I recently discovered that I have a cyst on one of my ovaries. I do understand this cyst could also be the reason I have painful periods, but cysts can also be a symptom of Endometriosis- I find sex to be quite painful. Lost my virginity 2 years ago (aged 21) and I don't think it's ever been un-painful in that time. My gyno reckons I have dermititus which is causing the pain but while the itching is subsiding with cream the painful sex isn't.- Peeing after sex is horribly painful.How can I be tested for Endometriosis? I understand it's actually a medical procedure?
A: hey just go to your doctors explaine your worrys and make sure they test you for it i am goin for scans next week because i had pelvic inflamatory dease and when they questioned my history of periods they said they where going to check for other things by doing a ultrasound scan they will beable to see certain scaring cysts blockages ect (this will also show any damage that the dease done thats also why they are doing it on me) if they cant clearly see anthing on the scan they may do a procedure i cant spell it but il explaine it they make 2 tiny cuts in ur tummy put tiny cam into your ovarys and tubes ect and have a look around and do tests they will find out whats going on if you have it or if its somthing else so dont worry about it it would be nothing but go to your doctors and request you get referd to the gyne and take it from there thats what i did and im going for scans and maybe further thing like that minor op even if you do have it its not the end of the world my friend had two kids before she found out she had it and yes its different in every person but not worth worrying yourself till you know for sure i hope this helped atleast a bit

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