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How do you get rid of cramps from your period

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There are a few steps you can take to relieve cramps. Take some Motrin and exercise. Exercise is a known way to alleviate cramps. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-get-rid-of-cramps-from-your-period ]
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How do YOU get rid of period cramps?
"That's what the dashing smile and quick wit are for."-Dr. Strange Oh yes, and you're modest too, huh? lol I saw your pic on that board and even though your posts can drive me up the wall sometimes you are kinda cute. lol Anyway,...
Can you get rid of period cramps without using pills?
I have a good way that works really well and cheap. When I have bad cramps, I drink a cup of hot water with PLENTY OF BROWN SUGAR added in it. It works well, tastes sweet, and it doesn't have the side affects of pills and medicine. And dark...
How to get rid of cramp?
Apply heat to the area. Use a heating pad if you have one, or take a hot bath. The heat will loosen up the muscle and help with the current cramp. To prevent them in the future, make sure your muscles are warmed up and loose prior to playin...

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Whats your best remedy for getting rid of Period Cramps!?
Q: I always have the worst cramps when i first start my period..whats a good way to get rid of them..or help ease the pain.i took Pamprin its not helping...and i have to go into work and i know i'll b miserable all night! Help me!
A: Exercise:Regular physical activity often reduces cramping in some women. Walking is the best execise to get relief from the pain. Walking will release the muscle tension and reduce menstrual cramps by improving circulation in the pelvic organs.“If you’re walking, strike a relaxed pose that lets you swing your hips and arms freely and lets you breathe rhythmically. If your normally brisk pace wears you out during this time, do yourself a favor and slow down,” suggests Robert Thayer, Ph.D., professor of psychology at California State University, Long Beach.Practice pranayama (breathing exercise) , but don't stretch or compress the abdomen vigorously.Treat with Heat:Hot substances work as pain relievers. Try taking a warm bath and using aromatherapy or using a heating pad on your lower abdomen or back. Take a cup of herbal tea. But avoid coffee or alcohol.Food and nutrients:Have food rich in calcium, magnesium. Add more vegetables, fruits, chicken and fish in your diet. Eat small meals throughout day instead of heavy meal at a time.Medication: Take Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen. Consult your doctor if necessary.If menstrual cramps is severe, along with heavy bleeding and clotting, it is recommended to see a gynaecologist.
How do you get rid of a cramp from your period?
Q: Do you find when you are going through your period you get HUGE stomach cramps? I am really starting to get annoyed when im in school and i cant concentrate. How do you get rid of them?(1) any products i can use?(2) any exersises i can do?(3) any.......??HELP????? THANKS ! <3
A: -Take a pain killer like ibuprofen (about 800mg)-Take a hot bath-take a walk-eat bananas or foods with potassium-sex helps haha =]-being on birth control may reduce them-use a heat pad*all of these help bad cramps =]
ughh how to get rid of cramps from period?
Q: my cramps are really hurting me... any tips to get rid of them? thanks
A: About a week before your period, eliminate/cut down on the amount of caffeine you consume. That means no chocolate, coffee, colas, etc. Also, lower your salt intake (no chips, preserved meats, etc.) to lessen the bloating. I've discovered that by doing these two things, my period isn't very painful. If all that fails, I take a hot shower first, then head off to bed with a heating pad (on tummy or back) and wrapped with a nice blanket. Sometimes I do need to take a pain reliever.After trying this and the cramping is really painful, you should see your gynecologist. There might be some other thing happening with your body.

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