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How do you get rid of a crick in the neck

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I recommend seeing a chiropractor for treatment of the neck, spinal manipulation will help induce joint motion and reduce pain [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-get-rid-of-a-crick-in-the-neck ]
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try a hot shower to relax the muscles or a massage with heating lotion
The proverbial 'cricked neck' is almost always caused by a 'facet joint lock', which when released usually soon settles. Any chiropractor or osteopath should be able to help you with this or indeed an acupuncturist if you prefer. I'm not su...
Try a heating pad, or try and crack your neck. If you try and crack your neck, don't go slow. But don't go so fast as to make it even worse. Just crack your neck swiftly. I would recommend trying the heating pad first though. It always work...

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Anyone know a remedy to get rid of a neck crick asap?
Q: I have this horrible crick in my neck, but I cant take icy/hot or anything like that or pain meds b/c I am pregnant. Please help it's really pissing me off!! Thanks in advance.
A: fill a gym sock up with dry ricetie off the endmicrowave for 1 min on highcheck tempapply to your neckre-heat as needed.Don't throw it away you can use it for monthsCongratulations and happy new year
How do i get rid of a crick in my neck?
Q: i am at school and i have a really bad crick in my neck. could some one tell me how to get rid of it without a chiropractor/ heating pads?
A: Muscle massage. Have someone at school give you a good shoulder/neck massage. You can also use this pain relief gel: http://www.arc4life.com/site/615058/product/BioFreezeIt works great and it's all natural.A home tens unit works good too: http://www.arc4life.com/site/615058/product/Tens2100Other things to do can be found on the page below.
How do i get rid of my crick in my neck!?!?
Q: my neck hurts really bad, and i can hardly turn my head! please tell me how to get rid of this crick!!!!!!!!!whoever said to lay upside down on the couch, we tried that and it didn't work!!! it was fun, but it didn't work! *LOL* thanks though!
A: it really depends what side its on, but if you put a damp towel in the micro-wave for one minute then wrap it around your neck for 15 min. then take it off and slowly roll your head around ur neck, when u get to a tight spot take a deep breath & hold the position til the pain is gone. Repeat as needed.

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