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How do you fake sick

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Put something hot on your forehead for a while, pinch cheeks to make pink, don't open eyes fully, cough. Thanks, keep chachaing! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-fake-sick ]
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You can fake being sick by laying in bed and acting lethargic. Heat up a thermometer and pretend you have a fever. Talk with a raspy, whisper-like voice and cough a bit. By doing these things, you should have no issue faking sick.
・ 1 Wait till Tuesday or Wednesday to start "coming down with something" unless you want to risk getting... ・ 2 My method of faking sick, which is working right now because I'm supposed to be in my second period... ・ 3 Go to bed a...
Yes I agree it does sound ghetto(about the comment u made) ok I don't think you should fake sick because trust me the chase would probably be more exciting than actually having her. Do you really like her? Seems you only like her because...

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How can I fake sick to get out of school?
Q: I don't want to see anybody tomorrow, or for the next few weeks.Is there anyway I could stay home? Or how can I fake sick for a little while?***I've never missed a day this term, so it's not like it's a habit.
A: Sigh....I have to tell you my idea privately.
How can I fake sick for school tomorrow?
Q: I wanna fake sick so I can miss school tomorrow.I would just ask to stay home but I did today and it'd be risky asking again with no excuseSo how can I fake sick?
A: swallow some Copengahen. You won't be faking.
How can i fake sick or give myself a fever?
Q: i try to fake sick a lot and complain of migranes and neausa. i did it too much so my parents will only let me miss school if i have a fever. please let me know if you have any suggestions on how to fake sick, give myself a fever, or trick an ear thermometer to get false high readings.
A: I have a fever right now and it is not fun! :( My friends missed some school last week because they were sick but I was dumb and had them sleepover for Memorial Day anyways so I guess it's my turn to be sick! Try to breathe in all of the germs from people who are coughing and sneezing. Also, if you just go to the nurse when you get to school she will normally send you home if you say you are going to throw up. Search it up on wiki-how because I think there are articles about it on there.

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