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How do i unclog my nose

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That depends if it is a cold you can try a over the counter medication, if it is sinus you can try a saline mist. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-i-unclog-my-nose ]
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How can I unclog my nose?
Hi Levi, Clogged noses are due to a variety of reasons. You need to tell us why your nose is clogged. Then we can give you an appropriate answer. If your clogged nose is due to a deviated septum then antihistamines will not help. Treatment ...
Do you think that I could unclog my nose if I stuck a Q-tip up in...?
You need to see a doctor. You may have sinus trouble, or a deviated septum. You could be at risk for sinus infections. Nix on the Q-tips! If some good, strong nosespray doesn’t work, see a doctor!
Does anyone else think blowing your nose isn't the solution to ge...?
It is actually one of the best ways to uclog your schnoz, but there is another way. If you can find some horseradish, eat some of that, for it will clear your sinuses in a hurry! There she blows!

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How do I unclog my nose?
Q: I have allergies because of the season and my nose has been stuffed up for weeks now. I've been taking singulair and some other cheap allergey meds and I'm getting sick and tired of it. I wake up in the middle of the night because i can't breathe and i have to constantly blow my nose which does nothing but make my nose momentarily unclogged..I REALLY NEED HELP AS FAST AS POSSIBLE..NO BS ANSWERS PLZ
A: Keep windows closed and use an air filter to clean the air in your bedroom. Try a saline spray. It is convenient and portable. Do not use nasal spray. Vacuum your rugs and floor. Wash your floors and carpets. Change sheets weekly. Don't wear outside clothes in the bed or couch. Pets bring in pollen give them a bath. Shower daily to get rid of pollen. Try to go out during the hours when the pollen count is lower The netty pot is for nasal irrigation. It is simple and easy to use but takes time unlike the saline spray. Try to get some homeopathic allergy pills or aroma therapy. Eat honey from a hive in your home town. The stuff in the honey including pollen makes your immune system better able to handle the allergy and pollen.Find out about the trees in your area. Much of your Spring time allergies are related to tree pollen. There are male and female trees and they want to reproduce. Sometimes there aren't mates and the trees try to send out more pollen to connect with another tree. Sounds silly but they actually make more pollen so that it blows all over to find the female
How do you unclog you nose when it is totally clogged up all ways- too cloged for nose spray to go up?
Q: Cant use nose sprays cuz it wont open up enough for that
A: I would suggest seeing your doctor. I suffer from chronic sinusitus, and my doctor gave me a nose spray which I didn't think would work, but just spraying it in & letting it drip out worked (after about a week of use). I would also suggest staying away from over-the-counter nose sprays. They are TERRIBLY addictive. Also, if you want to open it up before using a spray, decongestants like sudafed (maximum strength gellcaps) should help, or if you see your doctor, s/he can prescribe some stronger decongestants.
how to unclog a stuffed nose?
Q: is there anyway to unclog a stuffed nose full of mucus and boogies without drinking or taking medicine??? I know its gross but i need advice.
A: sniff ground pepper

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