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How do I fix my gapped tooth

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You can fix a gap toothed smile by braces, veneers, bonding or a product like Invisalign. No matter what, it takes a dentist visit [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-i-fix-my-gapped-tooth ]
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How can I fix my gapped front teeth without getting braces??
The space between your two front teeth is too large to close it entirely with a composite resin or veneers without making your front teeth look HUGE. Your Best option would of course be braces or possibly crowns on the centrals AND laterals...
How to fix gap in your teeth?
Braces could take a while and look kind of bad, but they now have the clear braces, Invisalign, that work really well and you can barely notice them. It could take up to a year, but they really work and are becoming more inexpensive along t...
What is the best way to fix a tooth gap?
What is the best way to fix a tooth gap? Fixing with tooth bonding is better when the space between the teeth is relatively small. To fix a tooth gap with braces should be consider when the teeth are moved closer together. porcelain veneer...

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How would you fix gapped teeth in the front without getting braces?
A: Sometimes Invisaline retainers can be used in series to pull the teeth closer together, followed by some type of bonding agent. I know originally I had this same issue, but mine were too far apart to use the retainers, however, one time the metal they put to hold the teeth together broke off and they split back apart a bit. That time they used the Invisaline retainers and then cemented a fiberglass holder behind the two teeth to keep them together. Good luck!
Can dentist fix gapped front teeth in adults and what is the procedure?
Q: Does any insurance cover getting front teeth with a gap taken care of ? And what do the dentists usually do with that type of situation ? Do they put on only a brace for the front teeth or is it to late when an individual is older? What is the usual span of how long it takes for the procedure to work?
A: Braces are an elective procedure so most carriers may not cover it. You will get them on the whole upper because everything will need to be realigned not just 1 or 2 teeth. It takes anywhere from 6 months to 3 years depending on the procedure, the gap, and the general health of the orthidontae.
How to fix gapped teeth?
Q: My teeth don't bother me, except for my two front ones. They are gapped at the bottom of the teeth, so its not a huge gap. But it bothers me. I don't have money for braces, or venners. Any ideas ?
A: Dear God, don't ever get veneers, they look like chiclets like Miley Cyrus' crunk-a$$ grill.It's called bonding and it's done rather cheaply.

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