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How dangerous is a 103 degree fever

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Temperatures of 103° and above are considered high and can signal a potentially dangerous infection. Keep asking ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-dangerous-is-a-103-degree-fever ]
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How to use a 103 degree fever
While at home with a truly trippy fever I remembered that BLCKDGRD exists to amuse me, so some redesigning. I'm also going to be monkeying around with the blogrolls. Dead sites will disappear, new sites appear, and a new, more essential boo...
When my three has a 103 degree fever should i put her in a cold b...?
No, I always heard you don't do that. I mean you can put her in a cool bath, but not cold. I would first give her tylenol or motrin (children's of course), and see if it goes down. If it does, she should be fine. Do this every 4 hours. If s...
Does a 21 year old with a 103.2 degree fever and flu symptoms nee...?
I am not a doctor. I have raised two children of my own and have personal relations with two doctors but my opinion is not professional. The first thing is to control the fever. Hot baths are out,out,out. Try immersing him in tepid to cool ...

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When is a fever considered dangerous?
Q: My little sister who is 13 years old woke up this morning feeling sick and my mom took her temperature by mouth and it was 105 degrees. 4 hours have now passed and her temperature is 103.2 degrees. My sister has a sore throat and runny nose, she feels tired and weak and we're not sure if we should call the doctor.
A: The usual criteria for a fever that needs medical attention soon is any fever that goes over 104 degrees F (105 degrees F is usually considered the heat-stroke level, where brain damage can occur) or any fever that stays above 102 degrees F for more than a day.Found that as a response on the messageboards here:http://askville.amazon.com/fever-dangerous-ADULT/AnswerViewer.do?requestId=9059356
fever in a 1 year old infant?
Q: my 1 year old has a underarm fever of 103 degrees F. she is teething but i do not think that is the cause of this symptom. she does not have any other symptoms, no cough, nothing. and her feet, legs, arms and hands are cold. is after 103 dangerous or is it dangerous now?
A: Taking the temperature under the arm is not always accurate. If it's reading 103 you are supposed to add a degree which would make it 104. Your best thing to do would be to take a rectal temp as this would be more accurate. If the baby is not acting as though there is something extremely wrong such as very lethargic or unresponsive, you can wait till normal office hours to make a call to the doctor. If the baby seems as though something is really wrong take her to the ER. A child can be very, very sick with a 101 temp while other babies can have a high temp with a virus. As long as the fever doesn't last more than 24 hours at that temp, and she begins to feel better she should be fine.
People exposed to infection exposed to my newborn?
Q: My great uncle has an infection that the doctors have not yet been able to find the root cause of. He has puss pockets in his lungs, and an infection in the knee that he had surgery on last year. He has been running a 103 degree fever for over a week and is in the hospital. I am 40 weeks pregnant, and my baby should be here anyday now. I have not went to visit him, and don't plan on it, but if you were me, would you be worried about people who have visited him seeing the baby when he is born? I would feel so terrible telling essentially my entire family that they cannot come see the baby when he is born...we all live in the same town, and everyone has been dying to meet him, but do you think what my uncle has could be contagious? would it be potentially dangerous to my baby to let any of these people around him? Any advice would be great...I just want to do the right thing, and I don't want my baby sick. I should probably add that the hospital does not have him in isolation. They are allowing people to see him freely, so while I assume that means they don't believe he is contagious, I really don't know. I have asked my grandma to check with one of the nurses.
A: Congrats on your soon-to-be-born son!♥Generally, if a person is running a fever they are contagious, so my instinct would be to keep people who have been around your great uncle away as a safeguard. I feel you have valid concerns, and if you've already picked out a pediatrician, give them a call and ask what you've asked here. Remember, you're the mom here, and what you say goes. This is the first of many "Mom" decisions you'll be making, and I know that whatever you decide will be in the best interest of your child, and the rest of your family needs to respect that.

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