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How can you tell your allergic to cats

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You might be allergic to cats if you get a rash, itchy, watery eyes, congestion or feel itchy when you have been near a cat. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-tell-your-allergic-to-cats ]
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If you get really close to a xcat and you start sneezing or of you get little bumps in your hand and wrist that means that you are allergic.
You�re not alone. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, around six to 10 million people suffer from cat allergies. Most reactions are based on a specific feline protein called Fel-D-1, which is secreted in a cat�s dande...
There are test your Dr. Can do to find out what allergies you have....good luck

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can anyone tell me how to tell if your allergic to cats?
Q: i know this sounds rather stupid but can anyonet ell me the sytems or how to tell if your allergic to cats.. thanks.
A: This is going to sound crazy but hold the cat and rub your face in it's fur gently. Nose, eyes and all.( shut your eyes of course ) Put the cat down and see if your eyes get itchy and red and if you sneeze and so on. If so then take a benadryl ( the pink as the blue wont work ) If you are alergic , there is actually some shampoo you can use on cats to help keep the allergies to a minimum and you can also get on meds from your doc.
How can i tell what cats i am allergic to.?
Q: I am allergic to cats but only some cats not all of them and i dont know weather to go to the doctors for an allergy test or weather anyone knows any other ways that i can tell what cats i am allergic to.
A: Generally, if you are allergic to one cat you are allergic to all cats. What may be happening is that the environment of the cat is what is making you ill and not the cat. For example, if you have pollen allergies, a cat who is an outdoor cat would have the pollen allergens in their fur. Or, if an owner of a cat uses a cleaning product that has an ingredient you are allergic to it could be in the cat's fur. The best thing for you to do is to get tested by an allergist.
How do vets tell what cats are allergic to?
Q: Hello, someone brought to my attention that my kitten may be allergic to corn? She's a bengal with some bowel issues.. her bengal had the same problem.. corn was the issue. i was just wondering how vets actually tell?thanks muchly!right now i feed her Royal Canin Sensitivity Dry and wet ID every couple of days. She loves water, so no worries about the dehydration!
A: they usually have to do it by eliminating suspect allergens one by one.in reference to what the person told you, it is very true. but cats can be allergic to a lot of things. (corn, wheat, soy, certain proteins, and always remember, they are lactose intolerant)my suggestion is to switch to a premium cat food (i reccomend Spa Select by Blue Buffalo) and give it a few weeks to see if there is a difference.also, try to limit the amount of wet food (enough to keep her hydrated though)***just wanted to add...read the ingredients in your food...if there is any of those ingredients i listed above, then your food uses fillers (ingredients they can put in to add to the protein count, but arent really used by the body)

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