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How can you tell if your appendix ruptures

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Symptoms of appendicitis can lead to rupture, fever, a loss of appetite, nausea, or vomiting. Visit a doctor to know for sure. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-tell-if-your-appendix-ruptures ]
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How can you tell if your appendix has ruptured?
Rupturing of appendix has severe consequences. If you have any doubt just seek immediate medical help. Don't go to online forums for help.
How long before your appendix ruptures?
The problem is that no one knows - there is no fixed time which is why appendicitis is usually treated with emergency surgery. If you think you have appendicitis, go to the emergency room. NOW.
What are the signs you get before your appendix ruptures??
Hi, It usually pains you exessively. You can't touch your right side of body. You usually get fever, etc. To learn more about this matter, please refer to link http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/appendi… Appendix can be removed, and the opera...

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How Can You Tell If Appendix Has Ruptured?
Q: Brother goes to Hospital on Saturday. Here it is Friday and Brother has to go back to surgery. Doctor states the reason for all of Bothers pain and bruising on side was due to the Appendix rupturing and internal bleeding. His fever is at 102 he is on strong pain killers. He now has a drain tube. Is he going to be ok? Whats up. He just went in to have the Appendix removed?
A: hes gonna be really sick if it did rupture. he should definitely be okay though. the doctor should know what he is talking about, unless he is at a cheap hospital.
How do you tell if your appendix has actually ruptured? and how long does it take to kill you?
Q: my question is, if you think you have appendicitis how can you tell when your appendix actually ruptures? does the pain die away since the appendix has emptied itself of the mucas and bacteria that had clogged it or would it hurt a great deal more? i've heard different things but i wanted to see what is actually rightand how long does it take to kill you after your appendix actually ruptures? a few days, or a few hours, i can't find the answer to that anywherei don't have appendicitis but i've looked it up and can't figure out these answers thanksno offence but i would like specifics
A: 1. You will feel the pain in the lower right quadrant of your abdominal cavity. Trust me you will know. 2. Depending on the amount of bacteria, death can occur. Usually takes a little while, it is all circumstantial. When the appendix ruptures, bacteria is released which can infect the organs surrounding it which is very, very bad to say the least. Best thing to do is to get to a hospital ASAP if you believe your appendix is acting up and especially if you feel it has ruptured. I usually say within an hour of rupture, you should be treated.
How can I tell if my appendix has ruptured??
Q: The lower left part of my stomach is hurting really bad when I put any pressure on it and it hurts worse when I go urinate, and my mom told me my appendix may have ruptured so I really need to know. Thanks.
A: I would think it could be one of three possible problems. You may have a urinary track infection. You may be constipated or you may of had a cyst rupture on your ovary. I don't believe this has anything to do with your appendix. As long as your not running a temp, then make a doc appointment on Monday. GoodLuck!

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