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How can you tell if a kid has chicken pox

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The symptoms of Chicken Pox are;Mild fever,backache,headache,sore throat,a rash(red spots),blisters filled with fluid.See a doctor [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-tell-if-a-kid-has-chicken-pox ]
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Did you ever have the chicken pox when you were a kid??
Yeah; twice unfortunately. Yeah I know that's weird lol
Can I get infected with chicken pox by father of sick kid??
Only if the father never had the chicken pox. Then he could be a carrier. If he has already had them, no, he can't pass them to you. Only his son can...
Should kids be kept home while they’ve got chicken pox??
We do recommend for kids to stay home until all legions are crusted; that’s usually five to seven days after the start of the symptoms. But the problem is that they can be contagious three to five days before the symptoms start, and that’s ...

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Can anyone tell me if my son has chicken pox?
Q: My 6 year old just started kindergarten. That I know of there is no one in the school that has it, but I don't know if what he has is bug bites or if they are chicken pox. How can I find out? The newest one looks like a bug bite, but the center is like a pale white. He has had the vaccination, but I know kids can still get them. Any help would be so much appreciated. Thanks.he itches them, but not all the time. They are on his neck, thighs and calves. I haven't seen them anywhere else. And he has no fever.Dr's do not want you to bring children with chicken pox into the office, hospital, or urgent care, because you can infect the other patients if you do. I have looked at pictues online, and asked my family. I will take any help I can get.After we put him in the bath, will they show up right away, or will it take a while for them to pop up? We had him in a warm bath just a little bit ago. Should I just keep an eye on him throughout the night?
A: Chicken pox are usually in th groin areas, and on your back, they look like pimples with puss inside the pimple, if they are scratched, they will spread, if he has been vaccinated for them, I would take my child to his doctor, and they will give you cream to put on them, so they won't spread, but they usually have to run their course, and then they will be over, just try to help him not scratch, I know it will be hard, but if he scratches them they will pot marks in his skin, wherever they are.I had to put socks on my kids hands so they didn't scratch them.
Do you think 13 months old should get chicken pox shot?
Q: My son will be going doctor appt on next 2 months. I am so scary for him to get chicken pox shot cause someone's kid who had done chicken pox shot then this kid got chicken pox after the shot? I am worry if my son will get it chicken pox after the chicken pox shot? My mother told me that when I was baby I had chicken pox shot and I still have chicken pox no matter what If I had the shot, I still get the chicken pox. Is it worth for my son get chicken pox shot? Please help! Thanks
A: I'm an avid supporter of vaccinating, and vaccinating on time, but the chicken pox shot is one that my kids wont get. It is very common for kids to still get chicken pox, even after the vaccine, and it sometimes will cause the children to get it right away. I figure I'll just go about it the same way my mom did. The first time I hear about someone's child having chicken pox, I'll let my son go play with him or her and ride it out the old fashioned way. (My son is 3 though. I wouldn't have done it any earlier than 2) The younger they have it the better, and NORMALLY once they have it, they wont get it again. There is even a spot on the shot records for a doctor to sign that the child has had chicken pox and does not need the shot.
Someone could tell me home remedies to cure chicken pox?
Q: My kid got 12 years present a higher fiber and the other day the spots all over the body and itch.
A: Go to the store & buy "Burrows Solution." You can use this to help cool the skin & reduce the irritation....maybe even prevent scaring. Be sure not to pick scabs, they will leave a scar. Other than that, I don't know of any other Home remedies. I have also heard of making a paste out of water and baking soda (never tried it though). Best of Luck!

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