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How can you tell a pimple from a bug bite

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Bug bites tend to be itchy & painful. They don't come to a head like pimples do. They might have a small red mark in the middle. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-tell-a-pimple-from-a-bug-bite ]
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Do i have a pimple or bug bite?
Well if its on your face it is most likely a pimple, some pimples cant be popped. and pimples also hurt sometimes when u touch or push on them. If it was a bug bite you would probaly be scratching it because they itch, but if you havent tou...
Is This A Blind Pimple or A Bug Bite?
If it's whit in the middle it's possibly a white head zit. If it looks worse than a white head zit, research it or go to a doctor.
What Bug Has Pin Prick Bite And Pimple Like Bump That Itches??
I wish someone would answer this! I have the same thing. I have two of these bites close to each other and are kind of oozing/bleeding now that I've scratched it. (I know gross I'm sorry)

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I have an annoying pimple or bug bite on me... it's hard to tell.?
Q: Ok, it's below my nose and driving me CRAZY! It's huge and red, but dried out. I squeezed some of it a few days ago, but nothing much came out. I really think it may be a mosquito bite or something, but it might be a pimple... but I don't think so. How do i get rid of it FAST. It's infuriating to cover up!!! My skin looks dry and messed up with cover up over it! Someone please help with the killing and covering of this thing!
A: sounds traumatic D: i cant tell either but if there's nothing coming out when you squeeze it most likely its possibly a mosquito bite. I say you should put some Witch Hazel on it. If you dont have some you should buy it, it helps clear up acne and bug bites. And also try not to touch it or mess with it, your just only making it worse. hope i helped <3
pimple, bug bite, infection?
Q: Alright, so i have my nose pierced. I Just got home from a week at the beach, && i realized I had this like bump looking thing coming from my nose ring. It looks like a pimple with all the white stuff, but its not tender like a pimple usually is. I cleaned my nose for as long as my piercer told me too. So I don't know if what i have is a pimple, possibly a bug bite from the shore, some type of sun poisoning, or an infection?My aunt told me to try and pop it, && i did and it was nothing but blood. So could it be a blood blister? Also when I popped it felt like there was something in there but I don't know what. ANY IDEAS?
A: sun blister- use neosporin
Is it a pimple, boil or a bug bite?
Q: I have a bump on my upper right butt cheek/lower back and I cannot tell what it is. It looks like a normal pimple but it seems to be slightly swollen. It doesn't hurt and its not really red. Does anyone know what it could be and how to get rid of it?
A: The one who said it's a trapped hair is right. Put some hydrogen peroxide on it first. Then keep an almost hot washcloth on it for about 10 minutes. If you can, then try to pop it. If it does pop, use some more HP & keep squeezing until you see blood. Then use neosporin for the next few days. Make sure it doesn't turn purple, get hard, and have red runners around it. If so, you'll have to go to the dr. & get it lanced. Boils are pretty serious. Don't want to freak you out but you can get a staph infection.

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