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How can you get sick really fast

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Anyway to put germs in your system that your immune system isn't used to is a sure way to get yourself sick quick. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-get-sick-really-fast ]
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Go somewhere with a lot of kids, then touch everything! a school would be an ideal place. After that, don't wash your hands/ take a shower for a week, or as long as possible. Also, get your hair very wet then go somewhere cold. This almost ...
How about just doing the mature thing and telling the bridal party or kin the truth--that you prefer not to attend. You're gonna dig yourself in deep...the first lie will produce a second lie which begets a third ...all to keep the first li...
your dad should not force you to do something you don't wanna do. that is disgusting! well if you wanna get sick go outside with just you boxers on in the freezing cold and expose yourself for 30-45 minutes or go to someone that is very sic...

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How can you get really sick really fast?
Q: what can make you really sick really fast?like badly sick? or not badly?i need to know cause i wasn't sick yesterday & it hit me all of a sudden today?what makes you sick really fast?
A: u would be carrying the virus long ago (like flu) , n it hits u whenever it could develop and weaken the immune system...
How to get sick really fast?
Q: I really don't want to go/can't go to school tomorrow. How can i get sick and fast?p.s. I know this is kind of a ridiculous question. but ridiculous times call for ridiculous measures...its either this or pull an all nighter which i reallly dont' want to do 2 nights in a row...
A: I often try to do that and I try to have a shower with hot water and then turn it into really cold water. Or do some jogging ( or something that u will sweat a lot ) and switch on the fan . Or even sometimes, by pretending to be sick I really fall sick!!!! (not every time). And I always have bad luck as actually I am sick but I'm in holidays!!! But the best way I would suggest you would be the fan.No need to do jogging, u can even jump till u sweat a lot and switch on the fan (not in front of your parents). GOOD LUCK 4 NOT ATTENDING SCHOOL!!! :D
How can I get really sick really fast?
Q: There is thing I have to do this weekend that I desperately don't want to do but the only way I can get out of it is if I get legitimately sick. I know it's horrible but how could I get sick with something that sounds serious by Friday morning? Like pink eye or strep throat?
A: Go to the hospital and find a sick person and have sex with them.....lol

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