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How can i stop being addicted to food

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It's important to recognize that you can change. High-fat, high-sugar foods may trigger the same brain effects as drugs More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-i-stop-being-addicted-to-food ]
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How do I stop being addicted to food?
I have the same problem, just like eating too much. I also think that excersise helps a lot - maybe it fills the need for physical sensation? And excersing is unpleasant on a full stomach - motivates you to not overfill. I also like the ...
How can I stop being addicted to fast food?
ok, i know that fast food is great, but why not make your own fast food in a healthy way. u know how hamburgers are done, so do them while using more veggies, and clean the ham from the fat as much as you can, this takes a lot of calories o...
Is there a way to stop being addicted to junk food?
Try to turn yourself onto some other type of food. Maybe some fruit or even muffins would be healthier. Keep yourself busy and have fun which will keep your mind off of junk food.

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How can I stop being addicted to food?
Q: I mean if your addicted to achohol or drugs, you can remove your self from those surroundings BUT food is another thing. You need food. There are days where I cant stop eating.
A: food is a great thing. we all need it and it's one of life's pleasures. but when it's uncontrollable, there's a problem. do you know why you're addicted? food can be used for comfort and to escape pain. is there some problem you're dealing with and food makes you feel better when you feel anxious or hopeless? when you were growing up, were you rewarded with food when you did something well, or was food withheld from you when you misbehaved? be open to looking at when this issue started for you. you have several options (and you can do all of these if you want) ---see a counselor specializing in food addictions. any google or yahoo search will give you professionals in your area.-go to www.tlc.discovery.com and look for the show "i can make you thin" - the expert actually has some effective mind tricks (yes, the issue is psychological) that are based on behavioral approaches. one of his tricks is to imagine live worms crawling all over your food. (yes, it does work. the disgust factor is high on that one.)-google for food addiction support groups ( they do exist) and join one. -ask help from people you trust. -when you start thinking about food or when you feel anxious, do something productive or fun like dancing, painting, going to the gym or park, call a good friend, lift dumb bells, even clean your apartment. do NOT sit in front of the tv. it only encourages eating. -throw out or donate all the junk food and sweets in your fridge and pantry. keep only veggies, fibrous foods, lean protein, fruits. at least you don't add a lot of trans fat and sugar to your meals. -join a gym and pay for a personal trainer. they keep you motivated. once you start losing weight, you'll appreciate yourself more.even though food is good and needed by the body, in the long term too much of it leads to obesity and even death. the heart and body just can't take an overload of food. be kind to yourself and take some actions right now.
Is there a way to stop being addicted to junk food?
Q: Seriously I didn't have junk food for about 4 months. I did really well and then on a trip I had one cookie and it was like my addiction started all over again. I don't know why I love it. It makes me feel sick but it tastes really good.What are some ways that can help me stop being addicted to junk food or at least wanting it ALL the time.
A: Try to turn yourself onto some other type of food. Maybe some fruit or even muffins would be healthier. Keep yourself busy and have fun which will keep your mind off of junk food.
How do i get my 7 year old Bull terrier to stop being sooo addicted to food?
Q: My bull terrier is such a pig. her life revolves around food. where as my other 2 bull terriers are totally different. I love her still but shes just soo obsessed with food that its crazy. all you have to do is mention the word biscuits and shes sniffing round trying to find it. Please Help. (ps. shes not very intelligent when it comes to training.)
A: Biscuit treats mount up and are very fattening. At 7, your dog is more prone to put on weight. so since you control her feeding: Since she's not too intelligent, YOU have to be the brains for her. If YOU do it right, she'll lose weight. It's basically up to you!1) feed her loess; put her on a weight-maintenance food.2) cut out the snacks3) Don't leave he food down. Feed her,( less food) and then take it up. ( No in between feedings for her by you...no cheating.4) More exercise

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