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How can a human get worms from a dog

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Humans can become infected with roundworms when they ingest infective eggs from the soil that dog excrement has touched. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-a-human-get-worms-from-a-dog ]
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Can humans get worms from dogs?
Roundworks and hookworms can be transmitted from a dog to a human. If a dog has worms that have laid eggs on them and you pet the dog, don't wash your hands and ingest the eggs then the worm has been transmitted. The key here is good hygein...
Is it common for humans to get infected by dog worms and......??
I feel that good hygiene is a must when owning dogs, for the sake of the dog as well as yourself. Keeping your dog on monthly wormer such as heartgard and advantage for fleas eliminates most worms. Can I get roundworms and tapeworms from ...
How Do Dogs Transfer Worms to Humans?
Dogs that roam free in backyards and farms tend to eliminate in those areas. If the dog is infected with tapeworm or hookworm, the feces will contain the eggs of these parasites. The eggs hatch and the worms live in the soil until another d...

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Can humans get worms from an infected dog?
Q: I was wondering if you could get worms from a dog that has worms, like tapeworm, hookworm, heartworm...If so how? Like can you get it if an infected dog licks younear your mouth?
A: yes those worms can be transferred to people( even heart worms) the most common way to pass worms is through the feces you shouldnt have anything to worry about as long as you don't get your dogs poop near your mouth the only way to become infected is to eat the larvae, but heartworms are carried by mesquitos and can be transferred to humans and animal by a mesquito bite worms like heart worms can also be transferred through the blood
my sisters new puppy has worms. can a human get them from a dog in any way?
Q: my sister has a new puppy. it finally was old enough to take a pill in case she had worms. so she took it yesterday, and last night i saw a small white worm on her moving. unfortunately, i have a HUGE PHOBIA of any type of bug or spider, esp worms. so when i saw it, i cried and almost threw up. it was very little. my sister called the vet this morning and they gave the puppy some med to kill the worm. anyways, since seeing this worm has made me so paranoid, i feel like these worms are all over me and im scared they will infect me. is there any way worms from a puppy will infect me? am i just over reacting since i have a phobia?
A: It may be the phobia, and I sympathize with oyu over it. I can deal with spiders, worms, maggots, and all that. My kryptonite is snakes! Ewwwww! Even the word give me the willies. As far as you getting your dog's parasites, only if you hadle her then put your hands in your mouth. The ova (eggs) of the worms might be on her coat from her own feces, and that is how they travel. So keep the puppy clean and out of its own feces, and keep your hands washed, and you will be fine. I won't tell you not to be freaked, since I know what it is like. Good luck.ADDED:to Tintin- sorry, but that isn't true. Humans can get round worms and tapeworms from canines. With proper hygiene it isn't common. Humans can also get giardia and coccidia from animals. Those are protozoan parasites, and they too can be avioded with proper hygiene. I had to be tested for them when I worked at a shelter. Turned out to be IBD, but the potential for it was there due to the large amount of animal feces I was exposed to. (I've also had my rabies shot. lol)
Can a human get worms from swallowing a flea (like a dog)?
Q: I pay a lot of money to live in my apartment (way too much) and they are so inconsiderate they won't even spray the grass for fleas and it's so bad that when I go out into my yard to let me dog urinate and come right back inside I have them all over my legs (14 fleas one time on both legs). I have noticed them in my dog's water bowl 2 times; I immediately cleaned it. Btw it's always clean. Anyhoo I was drinking something out of a glass yesterday and felt something go down my throat with the drink and I'm worried now. ha ha.1. Can a human get worms from swallowing a flea?2. What can you do when you've asked the apartment complex to spray for fleas and they don't? Other people have complained and they are BAD. Thanks.
A: People and pets don't get worms from swallowing fleas. They get them by swallowing worm eggs or cysts containing worm larvae. Eggs are spread fecal-orally, via poop particles in dirt. Larval cysts are usually found in undercooked contaminated meat. For what it's worth, this is not a huge problem in the US and most of the industrialized world. The vast majority of the tapeworm cases I have dealt with were in immigrants.With that said, your real problem is with fleas. You can call your local environmental health department and complain about the fleas around your complex. However that may not be enough to warrant action on their part. It should be, though, since fleas can carry the plague. Still, it is worth a shot. In the meantime, make sure your dog's flea collar is replaced on a regular basis.As for the water glass, I don't think that's a problem.

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