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Does your back hurt when you have a kidney stone

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Usually, the first symptom of a kidney stone is extreme pain. You can feel a sharp pain in your back and side. ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-your-back-hurt-when-you-have-a-kidney-stone ]
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Why Would My Lower Back And Abdomain Still Hurt When I Passed A K...?
Has the doctor tried t run any tests on you to try to pinpoint the problem? There are so many things it could be!
When you have kidney stones can they hurt in your back??
Yes. That is one of the classic symptoms is a sharp stabbing pain in your back.
Where does it hurt when you have a kidney stone?
Most times in the lower back on the side where stone is located.

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When passing a Kidney Stone, does it hurt?
Q: I got my 1st kidney stone today!!! Looking forward to more. It hurt when the stone traveled from the kidney to the bladder. My question is...How much does it hurt when the stone leaves the bladder and comes out in the toilet?Let me just add this...I was doubled over in the fetal position while driving my car down the freeway, I thought my appendix burst and I was going to die. No joke. I made it to the ER and he pumped me full of some painkiller equal to morphine. No that it's in my bladder the anticipation of that pain with no "Super" pain killers is almost terrifying. All he gave was 10 percosets (SP.) Thanks
A: if the stone is already in the bladder than you have passed the worst part. Your urethra (exit tube) is larger than the ureter (kidney to bladder tube). You have nothing to fear. You will probably not even feel it now, or even see it when it passes. Believe it or not kidney stones are extremely small, like the size of a grain of sand.
How long does it take to pass a Kidney stone? Does it hurt the entire time or only when you pee?
A: It hurts like hell!! In my case it desolved before I got the pleasure and joy of actually peeing it out but that little stone ripping it's way through your kidney is one heckof a trip through pain. Ask your doctor for some hefty pain killers before it starts too badly.
Where does it hurt when you have kidney stones?Does it hurt in your side where the kidneys are?
A: I have kidney stones! I'm being treated for them. The pain is right above your waist on either the right or left side, depending on which kidney is affected. It feels as if someone is sticking a steak knife into you and twisting it. AND oddly enough, you feel like you want to lie down on the floor.... like the cold hard surface will somehow ease the pain. (it doesn't) Sometimes the pain moves with the stones. If you have them, you'll know. It's excruciating!

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