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Does stress make your hair fall out

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Stress after a traumatic event can lead to hair loss. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-stress-make-your-hair-fall-out ]
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Can stress really make your hair fall out?
Yes stress can cause your hair to fall out. It happened to me. I would cut back on talking with the ex and try to focus on relaxing and taking some me time.
Can stress make your hair fall out?
Stress makes the body use up a lot of vitamins and minerals. When you become deficient in some of those nutrients it can cause hair to fall out. Try getting some stress tabs. But I would call a doctor to be on the safe side. It might not be...
Does stress cause hair fall?
Yes, stress is a major cause of hair fall among the urbanites. Though it does not cause balding, it certainly leads to hair fall and dandruff . A good night’s sleep, yoga and meditation are some ways to get rid of stressors.

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how does stress make hair fall out?
Q: is it still stress if i'm losing hair on my eyebrows?what does stress do to make hair fall out?
A: Yes.http://parachutetherapie.com/hffaqs.html
Does stress cause your hair to fall out?
Q: When I run my fingers through my hair alot of hair ca=omes out and I am stressed so is that what is making my hair fall out.
A: it does if you start pulling it out!
does stress really make your hair fall out? (read on)?
Q: every time i run my fingers through my hair, I have locks fall out. Not a strand or two, but handfuls!!! When i wash my hair, the floor of the shower is covered in hair. all of my jackets are flease and my hair shows up on them and this is getting embarrising!!!! I have really thick really long hair. I dyed it like two maonts ago and it started falling out about 2 weeks ago. I'm 16 so this shouldn't be happening, right? PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A: Dying is never good for your hair no matter how nice they make it sound...but if it was a result of dying it would have started happening immediatly. Stress is a number 1 factor as to why you lose alot of hair. Try this: go to the drugstore and get a vitamin B complex(this has all the B's that your hair needs as well as an anti-stress vitamin. Also if they have it get some Silica it is a promoter of healthy skin and hair you should start noticing a difference...I did.

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