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Does smoking effect your kidneys

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Smoking can affect your kidneys. As soon as a person stops smoking, their risk of disease reduces. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-smoking-effect-your-kidneys ]
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Does smoking marijuana effect kidney function?
Background: Few studies have examined the deleterious effect of illicit drug use on kidney function. Methods: Six hundred forty-seven patients enrolled in the Hypertension Clinic of the Veterans Administration Medical Center of New Orleans,...

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Does marijuana effect liver & kidneys?
Q: iv been smoking for a little over 10 years now, and iv been wondering if marijuana smoke damages or has any negative effects on the liver or kidneys??? iv been getting pain in my liver and even my lower back kidney area and im just curious.... thanks in advance...... no i dont take meds, i stay away from ALL pills, even tylenols, and i dont really like to drink, i used to drink just a occasionaly a couple years back but i dont enjoy alcohol so i dont drink either
A: Marijuana has metabolites which are lipophilic (fat soluble). It makes its way past the barrier of the brain over time, and may at one point dissolve into fatty acids which get distributed throughout the blood stream -- which leads to your kidneys.
Minimal change disease (kidneys) caused by smoking?
Q: I've had minimal change disease for a year and a half. So far medicine doesn't seem to be working very well. I've tried prednisone and prograf. I smoke cigs lightly, one or two a day. Could smoking have an effect my kidney disease or the efficiency of the medicine? And by the way, my blood pressure is completely normal.
A: Yes, smoking can affect your kidneys because they filter out all the body takes in, even toxins like cigarettes. Cigarettes do increase your heart rate and raise your blood pressure slightly. When your heart rate is increased, this may make you feel better, but actually, over time, it can increase you levels of cortisol. If you are already taking steroids, this would be a lot of unheathly steroids pumping around your system.Please quit smoking.Good luck to you.
does kidney dieases effect from birth to adult years?
Q: A friend of mine had stated that she has been having problems with her kidney since she was born due to their mother problems while in were in the wound. However, she had to go to dialysis when she was 16 and had to get it remove. It just doesn't make sense. The thing isshe stil smoke and drink and likes to make up story. I just want to know if you have kidney problems does it carry ;with you til adult.
A: Yes you can be born with kidney problems that stay with you until adulthood. Not a good idea for you friend to drink and smoke if she really does have kidney issues. Some people refuse to take care of themselves no matter what the rest of us say or do to make them change. She may have a devil may care attitude about the whole thing. Maybe she isn't sick enough yet. Maybe she figures she is going to die anyway and she wants to have fun before she does? I don't know. You might try to talk some sense into her. If she really is on dialysis then she wouldn't be able to do the drinking without getting very sick from it. She may well be making up stories.

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