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Does plastic cause cancer

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Research isn't conclusive, but many suggest that heating plastic can release cancer-causing agents. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-plastic-cause-cancer ]
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Do plastic water bottles cause cancer?
Unfortunately, nobody really knows if plastic water bottles cause cancer. We know that plastic is made from petrochemicals. We know that these toxic chemicals, like BPA and phthalates, can leach into the water. We know that 93% of Americans...
Does burning plastic cause cancer?
Breathing in the fumes can kill you right away - causing asphyxiation. It can also cause cancer if you don't die right away because the fumes act like smoke does - it causes cancer in the lungs or airways.
Does freezing water in plastic bottles cause cancer??
No. There are a number of myths circulating about plastic bottles and cancer, and just about all of them stem from hoax emails. Here are the facts about all the 'plastic bottles and cancer' scares - the freezing one, the heating nonsense et...

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Does freezing food in plastic containers cause cancer?
Q: We are told that microwaving food in plastic containers releases Dioxins in the plastic that mixes with the food and may cause cancer when this food is eaten.Also, if you freeze water in your plastic water bottle you may release Dioxins from the plastic into the water.Placing plastic wrap over food you microwave may also release toxins from the plastic wrap.If the above statements are true, will freezing food in plastic containers release the toxins? Along the same line, will making ice cubes in plastic trays cause cancer?Thank you everyone. I feel that Daviv O hit the nail on the head with the idea that there may be claims that plastics are harmful, yet no real studies.Thank you skaterman, an opinion is also useful, that's what Answers is all about, someones opinion along with knowledge.
A: As with most things in this era,there is an element of truth in your suppositions. It has been suggested dioxins may be released when plastic is nuked.However there are no ongoing studies,of which I am aware, that directly link the incidence of cancer to their usage.It reminds me of the the time years ago when it was suggested that the "new" sugar substitute caused cancer in mice.When the methodology was closely examined it was ascertained that force feeding mice thousands of times the amount humans would ingest over their lifetime in one week was not sound science.Plastic used in the manner for which it was intended will not ruin your ice cubes nor harm your nuked soup.Freeze away!
Does heating up my coffee in microwave in a plastic cup cause cancer?
Q: I do this several times a day until it is nice and hot. I was told today while doing this at a friends house that it causes cancer by my friends wife. When I asked her why it's OK to heat up food in the microwave in a tupperware container, she said, "that's a different type of plastic".
A: Avoid putting plastics in the microwave; they are usually not intended for this use, and may result in dangerous side affects. ESPECIALLY since you are re-heating the same plastic cup in the microwave many times throughout the day; this cause the plastic particals to break down. It is toxic when ingested.Safe materials to use in the microwave are:~Glass~Ceramic~China~Waxed Paper~Paper Plates (most)UNSAFE materials for microwave:~Plastics (most)~Tupperware~Aluminum~Metallics~Styrofoam~Foam-insulated trays~Brown lunch/grocery bags~NewspaperSpecial Conditions:~Saran wrap is ok to use in the microwave if it is covering a tray or a bowl. However, it is UNSAFE if the saran wrap is touching the food directly, while in the microwave.~Some utensils have exceptions, like plastics and paper. Check the warning labels carefully before making any choices. But generally, keep plastic out of the microwave.Good luck, and stay safe! :)
If used to heat things in the microwave, does plastic really cause cancer?
Q: I am not sure of the reliability of the source...but I recently read that Johns-Hopkins did a study, and they found that plastic containers, as well as plastic wrap, can release dioxin when used in heating foods in the microwave.Is this true?
A: apparanty everything causes cancer, if they find something that prevents one kind of cancer, it causes another kind!!!!!! apart from cigarettes and sunbeds,i think anything else is rubbish!!! if u dont do either of these things, and u still get cancer, its just one of those things!

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