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Does mono make your throat swell

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Mono can cause a severe sore throat and swollen glands (near throat). Other symptoms may include; Fever, chills, headache. MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-mono-make-your-throat-swell ]
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Does swollen glands and a horrible swore throat mean mono??
Your doctor can best tell you but check out the link below. Swollen glands and sore throat can be LOTS of different things.
How long are lymph nodes in throat normally swollen from Mono??
That depends. Some people have mono for only a week, others can have it for up to 6 months, but it typically lasts for about a month. Also, if you have mono, you should avoid doing anything that may cause you to fall or bump into things sin...
Could i have mono? i have massively swollen lymph nodes, slight f...?
yes,you could have mono as you have indulged in high risk behavior including exposure to one of the most contagous and common human viruses as a an exposure. a simple blood test for cytomegalovirus can rule this out. this is a very vigorous...

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Does swollen glands and a horrible swore throat mean mono?
Q: if i have really swollen glands on each side of my tonsals does that mean i might have mono?
A: Your doctor can best tell you but check out the link below. Swollen glands and sore throat can be LOTS of different things.
How long after you have mono does your tonsils stay swollen?
Q: I had mono about two months ago and I happen to look in the back of my throat and my tonsils still seemed a bit swollen. Is that normal? and how long does it usually take for them to go back down to normal size after being infected with the virus?
A: Its normal, it will take about a week for the swelling to go down. If it gets any worse you should see a doctor.
Help me? i have mono (my throat is swollen) and i can't swallow any drink or food. how can i overcome this?
Q: i haven't eaten anything for days, and i know i'm getting dehydrated, but the lymph nodes in my throat are so enlarged that nothing gets past them. i also have a horrible taste in my mouth...i just want to drink and eat!!! thank you to any tips you can provide. also, how long does it take to get over mono?
A: You have to drink no matter how painful or you will end up in the hospital on IV.Gargle with warm water and salt several times a day.Put hot clothes on your throat.Try to get a spoonful of honey to slide down your throat,it will give you some temporary comfort.Drink hot white tea (it has the most antioxidants) and as much water as possible so you don't dehydrate.Get some Boost or Ensure to replace the food you cannot eat.Sleep as much as you can,not just rest but sleep,your body needs it to heal.

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