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Does it hurt when you go to the bathroom

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It shouldn't hurt when you go to the bathroom. If it does, you may be constipated. Try drinking more water and eating more fiber. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-it-hurt-when-you-go-to-the-bathroom ]
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Why does it hurt to go to the bathroom?
If you are a minor I would wake my parents because it sounds bad. Sounds like a urinary infection. The best way to treat urinary infections is with antibiotics from a physician. Until you can see a doctor, drink cranberry juice if you have ...
Does it hurt to go to the bathroom with a suppository??
No since the suppository is absorbed through the rectal mucosa.
How do I go to the bathroom without hemorrhoids hurting??
I have gotten 2 hemorrhoids in the past few days and I just can’t go to the bathroom. Every time I even TRY to urinate, it STINGS, like a piercing, burning, sting and I instantly go into tears. Does anyone know how to cure them FAST or ho...

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Why does it hurt when I go to the bathroom?
Q: I'm worried. I've been eating a lot healthier for the last two weeks (went from eating mostly pasta, bread, pizza, tacos and junkfood to consuming mostly fruit, veggies, lean meat)So I don't understand why it hurts when I have a bowel movement. Like just now -- I had to go pretty bad. I thought it was going to come out with no problem. But I actually had to strain a little and it hurt. All last week, I noticed my stool was solid, but had some blood in it. I'm very scared and worried.
A: Hemroids or/and constipation. Talk with your doctor. Try some easy laxatives, if they help. If you are older than 40, talking about this with doctor would be a good idea.
im 13 why does it hurt my lower stomach when i go to the bathroom?
Q: im 13....when i go....# 2....it hurts inside. it hurts near my vaginal area and the stomach line where ur pants/shorts/underware go. it does this almost every time. it started not even a year ago just about a couple months ago like 3 or 4do u need to know anything else to know what is wrong?
A: Hi, the way you have described it looks like A constipation or an intestine infection.If your body doesn't get inough water your intestines will provide water from the food you ate to the body, wich make # 2 dry and when intestine muscles don't have enough strangth they are not able to push it down.Try to drink as much fluid as possible, couple of days with a small glass of prune juice will help tooGet well soon
Why does it hurt when I use the bathroom?
Q: Please I'm not trying to be sick or anything like that it is just that lately whenever I use the bathroom It hurts when I go #2 it bleeds and I'm not sure why. Please no dumb comments I'm scared as it is. Any suggestion would be great.well I able to go to the bathroom without a problem its just when I start to go it hurts coming out...
A: It could be a couple of things that are causing this pain.1. Hemerroids - This can be caused by straining too hard to go. It then can cause a vericose vein like protrusion at the anus that when trying to go gets stretched and pulled to the point of bleeding. You could try preperation H to get the inflamation down and/ tucks pads to to the same and also give some pain relief.2. Your a little constipated and need to loosen up your stools. You can try a fiber "pill" or tablet or try eating more fruits and veggies and eating more natural fibers...i.e. oat bran, wheat products, Bran flakes, and the such.If this is more serious then you need to go to the Doctor and see what he suggests.Hope this helps you and good luck!!!!!!

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