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Does herpes look like pimples

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Yes, and herpes can often be mistaken for pimples or even an ingrown hair. But herpes are blisters or sores that can break open as lesions. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-herpes-look-like-pimples ]
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Sometimes it can. Especially certain types that affect the face. They really resemble pimples when a flair up is just beginning, looks just like a pimple breakout. Once they get larger though, they look completely different. Herpes it large...
Never heard of pus from herpes sore (possible infection but doubtful). If in the genital area maybe it was just an ingrown hair. Tell your mom that yes there is a test for herpes go to your doctor and they'll arrange to have it done. For pe...
Does herpes look like a pimple? Good question. Find the answer and more about the symptoms of herpes. Get educated; be prepared in the prevention of this virus.

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Does my friend has herpes? He has blisters around his mouth that look like pimples bunched together.?
Q: He says its a rash from kissing but I think its something else. I need help I kissed him and now I'm scared I looked up herpes and they don't look like what he has because what he has look likes pimples "white heads" seriously I need help.
A: it sounds like your friend has a mild case of herpagonainsyphalites or maybe a small case of the clap.
do herpes look like pimples?
Q: only serious answers please.ive noticed pimples on my inner thigh and sorta around my anus but on the cheek more than the actual hole.they definately look like pimples,they dont seem to be sore or ridiculously itchy.one has a white head and the others are just red bumps.i just want to know,do herpes bumps contain puss or is it only clear fluid? ive had other such looking bumps and popped them,and its definately puss that comes out (sorry for the grossness) and they dont scab up like pictures ive seen.just want to be sure,please answer if you know.cheers
A: The red, pimple-like bumps on your butt and upper thighs could be a symptom of acne, an allergic reaction, a heat rash, or Herpes I and/or II. If these red bumps are Herpes, then you need to start treatment as soon as possible to avoid spreading it to other areas of your body as well as to other people. Make an appt with your doctor to be sure....don't be embarrassed, you aren't the first person your doctor has seen with these bumps and you won't be the last. :)
How does herpes look and feel?
Q: How does it feel or look? Does it look like a regular pimple or are there lil bumps?
A: I get cold sores on my lip, which I believe is type II - they are painful little blisters that scab over in a few days. The scabs are rather large. They are very sensitive to the touch, and you need to wash your hands if you do because it is very contagious. Takes about 10 days to heal up and go away. It is brought on by stress, like lack of sleep or an illness. Once you have it it's yours for life. There are at least 6 different strains that I know of. Type I is the one you really don't want! Shingles and rosiola are also caused by different strains of the herpes virus.

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