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Does herpes have to turn into sores and does it hurt

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Not Medical Advice, See MD: Many people who are infected with HSV the virus that causes Herpes 1 & 2 never develop any symptoms, but usually outbreaks have sores and are highly painful. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-herpes-have-to-turn-into-sores-and-does-it-hurt ]
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Do herpes sores always hurt?
in the morning (still dark). When we got up, we realized that she had a cold sore on her mouth. Obviously I scrubbed in the shower like crazy upon seeing this. Now three months later I have the typical cluster Cluster headaches of blisters ...
Is there an ointment for uncomfortable herpes sores or some way t...?
I have genital herpes as well, and my first and only outbreak was HORRIBLE and the most uncomfortable thing of my life. I had a severe case. I took the Avylocor and that worked well for me. As far as ointments I hear that they don't work, s...
Can a herpes "sore" occure that doesn't hurt at all??
On Sat, 20 Dec 2003 04:22:21 GMT, "Rob" <rob@hotmail.com> posted: Don't know about that black dot. That's a new one. Herpes can lay dormant for quite awhile so knowing when you got it is often difficult, if not impossible. M...

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A question for people with genital herpes ONLY?
Q: I'm afraid I may have recently been infected, but I'm not sure. I got a bump that looks like an ingrown hair, shaving bump, or a pimple, and it hurts, so I started to get scared that it might be herpes. BUT----I heard that if it was herpes, that the bump would have burst within a couple days and turn into an open painful sore that would then heal in 1-3 weeks. My bump, however, has been there for like 2 or 3 weeks now though, and hasn't burst, and isn't blister-like. Its pimple like (with a white-head.) And it hurts a little. Does this sound like herpes or a pimple? Or something else entirely?PLEASE ONLY ANSWER IF YOU KNOW THE ANSWER OR AT LEAST THINK YOU KNOW. Don't answer just to gain yourself points or make some stupid hepres joke. we've heard em all already.
A: It might help to know why you think you might recently have been infected?It doesn't sound like genital herpes if you have had the symptoms for that long. When I first caught herpes I had a 'cut' at the entrance to my vagina, no blisters - the symptoms can vary - but this appeared within 3-4 days of exposure and was accompanied by flu symptoms and quite a lot of pain, as well as swollen lymph glands in the groin area. Despite the fact that symptoms can vary, it really doesn't sound like herpes. If there is no open sore, they cannot do a culture, and would have to do a blood test on you, which is not part of routine std screening. If you want this done for peace of mind, it would be better to wait 3-6 months as if you had recently contracted herpes it would take that long for a positive result to show in a blood test. It wouldn't hurt to get tested anyway as one in four women has herpes and most aren't aware of it. If you have any doubts currently, get your doctor to have a look and set your mind at rest.
herpes? or irritation?
Q: Ok..I masturbated rigorously the night prior and I woke up with a red patch of skin and a red bump. After scratching at the bump alot of skin was dry around it and it turned into a sore. The small scratch (sore) healed within two days......A week goes by I wake up and notice a white head....white pus filled pimple...I popped it...it didnt hurt...it's not sore. It's now healing up with a red mark at the site of the pimple. I'm scared it may be herpes, because reading on the web it says....herpes are blister like lesions or pimpe like lesions.....Can someone tell me or give me and idea of what I have? Irritation? pimple? herpes?
A: it could be a pimple or ingrown hair. If you haven't had a hsv test then you should get one. You could have it and not know for months/years or ever. someone might just be carrying the virus. Don't freak too much because it could just be a pimple. get checked though.
Herpes-related question?
Q: Okay, so about a week ago I developed two small irritated, painful bumps on the inside of my labia majora to the left of my clitoris. The bumps were like a millimeter apart. A few days later the smaller one came to a head, obviously a zit, and I popped it and there was some pus and it went away. For this reason, I assumed the other one was a zit as well, but it still has not come to a head. It is a good deal bigger now...like, the size of ---> O. It is smooth, though not perfectly circular, still hurts, but is not really red (pretty much flesh-toned). It has not turned into an ulcer or anything.Yes, I do plan to see a doc about this, but the problem is it could be a long time until I can get an appointment.Now, my question is, can a herpes lesion really take over a week to turn into an actual open sore? Because this is still a lump. I have never had sex with anyone who's ever had a herpes outbreak, but I know it's still possible. I can also rule out ingrown hair, because this is pretty far from the parts of the genitals where hair grows. Help?
A: The answer is yes it can take over a week to turn into a sore. Also there are several images on the internet that you can compare to yours. I have attached a link with more information, and a link with treatment medication. I hope this helps and good luck. MC

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