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Does herpes have puss in them

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Herpes symptoms include repeated eruptions of small, painful blisters filled with clear. No puss. ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-herpes-have-puss-in-them ]
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How do you differentiate genital herpes from an ordinary pimple w...?
Genital herpes lesions will usually appear in numbers. In men the lesions may look like ulcers (open sores). Typically the lesions begin as blisters that erupt, become ulcers and often heal in 5 to 7 days. The lesions are painful and there ...
Do herpes have pus in them?
Herpes blisters do have a clear pus in them. This pus is actually the virus in a concentrated form. That's why you need to take extra good care of your hygiene when these are present.
Do herpes have pus inside them when you pop them??
I have herpes, and when you bust them, you will see clear fluid come out, wherever that fluid goes, then you will have an outbreak there next time, so its best not to bust them, take it from someone who knows

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Does herpes sores sometimes have puss in them?
A: yes
Im gettin odd red areas on my lip.Thy dnt puss/bleed, but does any1 know if i could hve a mild form of herpes?
Q: I haven't gotten any particularly gruesome breakouts,so perhaps it's just an allergy or a sensitivity to chapstick. I haven't had any risky oral sexual contact either.It's still very scary, though, because 50-80% of the U.S. hasa form of Herpes.Maybe these are early/mild signs of oral herpes?
A: Ask your doctor.
hello, i have been getting big pimples with puss in them on different spots on my face can they be herpes?,?
Q: i have eczema and it isn't normal for me to get pimples too often, they get really big and red and sore. after a week they seem to pop and puss and blood come out and they get a little hard scab. they go away but i got other ones in other spots. is there anyway this can be a herpes. i have really dry skin around my mouth too and i have to keep putting carmex on to relieve the tightness. this has been going on for almost a month and has me worried. like i said i have eczema and am not sure if pimples on your face are a sign of herpes. they are not by my mouth, they were on my forehead and one on my chin. thanks i look forward to your answer.
A: lol no its not herpes have you changed your diet recently sugary food can cause spots like you are talking about or a diet high in sugar so have a look at that.herpes on the face is usally just on the lips!..go see your doctor if these spots/eczema are worring you

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