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Do warts have pus in them

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Warts typically don't have pus in them. They are usually rough but can some times be smooth. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-warts-have-pus-in-them ]
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Should a wart have puss in it?
Warts do not have pus. It sounds like you have an abscess or some type of infection. Try some antibiotic ointment (triple antibiotic ointment is best). I've found this to be very effective within a couple of days. Also, think about getting ...
What is difference between puss in a pimple, zit, fever blister o...?
A zit and a pimple are the same thing. The pus is there because the pimple is infected. It's best not to pop them in the future, it can make a scar. If you feel you must open it up, treat it like a sterile operation. Wash with soap and wate...
Why does my wart have puss in it?
fingernail polish? Not a conventional treatment that I've heard of before. If it has pus in it that indicates some inflammation, and probably an infection. See a healthcare professional and stop putting nail polish on it.

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My dog has what appears to be warts but they ooze pus and blood and smell bad. I clean them and they ooze more
Q: She started with just one when she was about 10 years old then about 2 years later started to develope many more. She has most of them on her back and on her front legs.
A: Could be sebaceous cysts, or some other skin infection. I would take the dog to the vet to be diagnosed. Some skin cancers can start out that way.
My doctor gave me back the green pus he squeezed from my anal warts to give to pathology. Why?
Q: What on earth could it be tested for? Is my doctor just playing a joke on me?
A: cuz it sounds like the doctor is 1 sandwich short of a picnic. no other explanation.
Please tell me more about genital warts?
Q: When people tell me about genital wart outbreaks, I'm not sure what they mean. What brings these outbreaks on? What do they look like? If I pick at them, will they bleed or pus? Do they hurt? Do they go away on their own?
A: great website!www.hpvinfo.ca

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