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Do ear infections cause you to have a fever

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Most kids have at least one middle ear infection before they are 2 years old. These infections can cause ear pain and a fever. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-ear-infections-cause-you-to-have-a-fever ]
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Are ear infections contagious if you run a fever??
Otitis Risk Factors. Otitis can affect the inner or outer parts of the ear. The condition is classified according to whether it occurs suddenly and for a short time (acute) or repeatedly over a long period of time (chronic. Specific types o...
Can an ear infection cause fever vomiting and headache?
Yes. An infection will generally cause a fever. It's the body's natural response to fight it. Ear infections affect all sorts of things, including your equilibrium (or balance). You might even feel dizzy because of it. The only way to know ...
Could An Inner Ear Infection Cause A Fever In A Labrador?
Whenever dogs have bacterial infection then fever is expected. Inner ear infection in dogs can be due to many reasons. These can be due to bacterial or fungus infection, food allergy, tumors, ear parasites and ear mites. So all type of inne...

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Can Sinus Problems or Ear Infection Cause Face To Feel Hot With No Fever?
Q: First of all..I don't have high blood pressure.Im in good health ,just had a good check up and everything is great.Lately at night I have been getting a flushed feeling in my face and extreme hotness.Its mostly when it starts snowing outside.I wonder can sinus problems or ear infections cause you to feel this way or maybe even a cloth allergy.I noticed it tonight when I laid down with the side of my face on a pillow and the raised up and my face and ear felt hot yet no fever and then I went and washed my face with cold water..I could feel pressure in my face from sinus react..I don't have menopause either im a guy.. Could this be caused by sinus ,ear or allergy?
A: Yes, sinus problems or ear infections can cause your face to feel hot with a normal body temperature. Basically, your face is flushed with anger over having the infection which causes you not only to flush but blush also at the embarrassment of it all. Washing your face with cold water keeps your temperature normal but only masks the real problems that you really have and you must deal with it without shame. Allergic forces are also at work to keep you confused and anxious which only compounds the problems directly caused by the sinus and ear abnormalities. Try to stay calm while addressing these issues and get plenty of exercise and drink large quantities of green tea with lemon. You should begin to feel much better soon.
Can ear infection cause ear thermometers to show higher temperature compared to the rectal temperature?
Q: My kid has a ear infection, when using the Ear thermometer to scan her fever, it shows very high temperature. When doing a rectal scan - the fever is lower? Is the ear infection causing the ear to be hotter than the body temperature? My Ear thermometer is very accurate and I have not yet had any issues with it. Any suggestions on what is causing this? and also should i stop checking her temperature in the ear.
A: Yes, infection causes increased blood-flow, causing increased temperature; this will result in an inaccurate temperature reading if the reading is taken from or around the infected area.To avoid the need for rectal temperature taking: try a digital thermometer under the arm-pit until it beeps or an oral thermometer.Good luck.
colds and ear infections?
Q: sometimes what happens to me is when i blow my nose too hard when i have a cold, it feels like all the fluid gets stuffed into my ear and fluids build up around the eardrum, my doctor said that this fluid can cause ear infections and cause fever, earache, hearing loss etc. he said i should use nasal spray before using antibiotics to clear up my sinuses. is he right? does anyone have any knowledge or past experiences they wan to pass on?
A: your doc is right listen to him!!!!!

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