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Do broken toes heal

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Yes, a broken toe will almost always heal naturally. Use ice to reduce swelling. ChaCha again soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-broken-toes-heal ]
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How to Heal a Broken Toe
・ Keep the foot with the broken toe elevated to reduce swelling. ・ Apply an ice pack to further reduce swelling. No more than 10-15 min. per hour, every hour for 1-2 days... ・ See a doctor and get X-rayed. An X-ray will tell you how severel...
How long does it take for a broken toe to heal?
I banged my toe as well. It takes several weeks. You're supposed to do what's called "buddy taping". Use a medical adhesive tape (breathable) and tape your broken toe together with the toes on either side. Use gauze between the to...
How long broken toe takes to heal?
I did the same thing last year, two weeks before my season started. You can't really do anything except tape two of you toes (the broken one included) together. I would definitely ice it and elevate it after practice. Like everyone else has...

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Is there anything I can do as a dog owner to help my dog's broken toes heal faster?
Q: I have a little Yorkie who broke three toes and the vet recommends he stays in his kennel and relaxed. Is there anything else that I can do to help him heal faster?
A: Rest and a good diet. There really is no need for anything other than that.If your dog will tolerate it, an ice pack (or just cold in general) will help reduce swelling, which will in turn help healing.
I need help to make my broken toes heal faster...?
Q: I was running then tripped smacking my toes on a rock I believe 2 are broken because they are big, swollen, oddly shaped, and blue. I just really need a way to make the healing process go faster because I am in a fight club and this is holding me back immensely... thanks for your help!Thanks everyone but im not going to the hospital i HATE THE HOSPITAL. i think ima just tape it up and see what happens.
A: I would try to position the toes so there more normal and tape them. Will take a few weeks for it to heal. Even if you went to a dr, there isnt alot they can do with broken toes unless they pin them. Give your foot a rest, because as you step they flex. Crutches would probably speed up the healing imo
How long do broken little toes take to heal?
Q: Mine has been broken for a day and I've taped it to the second smallest toe.
A: You did the right thing. Unless it is smashed, taping it to the next one is the right thing. Normally it heals in 4 to 6 weeks. I have always recommended cushioning with a piece of cotton between the toes.

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