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Can you take a bath with a urinary tract infection

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Yes, when you have a urinary tract infection you can take a bath. It is best to take a bath or shower to keep the area clean. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-take-a-bath-with-a-urinary-tract-infection ]
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Can wearing a wet bathing suit too long cause you to have a urina...?
It can if you are in the water and then get out and wear it around for a while while its still wet.
Does urinating after a bath (for a female) prevent urinary tract ...?
I never heard about not letting little girls bathe, but I was told not to let her have a bubble bath. The soap is irritating. I suppose having her use the bathroom after her bath could help somewhat, just like going after having sex can hel...

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Is it safe to take a bath when you have a urinary tract infection?
Q: Is it safe since I'm antibiotics? or could I risk making the infection worse? And I'm 19wks pregnant.
A: for women they can be caused by bacteria entering the fanny.there should be no probjust make sure the bath is very clean before hand.
Bubble bath cause urinary tract infection?
Q: Teens only. Can it cause urinary tract infections for boys & girls?
A: Yes they can. It is rare for them to happen to boys but it can, it happened to my son. Since he was a boys they didn't think to check for a UTI right away, ended up traveling to the kidneys.
Urinary tract infection? Bath?
Q: Not bubble baths, not showers, just baths. Will it cause an infection for an uncircumcised with the foreskin still not retracted?
A: No.UTIs are very uncommon in men anyways.

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