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Can you move your finger if it is broken

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Sometimes! A true fracture usually will be painful, but do not be fooled by a finger that has some range of motion and dull pain. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-move-your-finger-if-it-is-broken ]
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Is my finger broken if i can move it up and down but not side to ...?
Well I would suggest gettting an xray but maybe that is silly. It is an old wives tale that if you can move it then it is not broken. At least go to the drug store and buy some tape and a splint becasue it sounds broken - but really get an ...
Can a finger (or thumb in this case) be broken but still be able ...?
Contrary to popular belief you can actually walk on broken bones and still have a broken finger and move them. Plenty of people walk into the ER with broken bones. So the only real way to know if a bone is broken is by xray.
Can you move your fingers if you break your arm?
It really depends upon the break so u need to c your doctor to get it x-rayed. I get sore hands & tingling & find therapy gloves work great to cure it.

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is my finger broken if i can move it up and down but not side to side?
Q: i smashed the bottem of my finger between two logs at work a few days ago and i can move it up and down but not side to side... is it broken? parts of my finger are black and red around the bottem and it's pretty sore if i move it.
A: yikes... mabye just sprained, but i would go to the doctor just in case.
Need advice about possible broken hand. If you break a bone in your hand, can you still move your fingers?
Q: I forcefully bent my finger back on my hand yesterday. It HURTS so bad! I can move my fingers, but my ring finger feels week, and the pain at the big knuckle of my hand is killing me. My hand is a little swolen, but it's not black and blue or anything. It's so swolen that you can't see that knuckle. And it kills me when I try to make a fist. I just assumed I didn't break it because I've heard that ol' wive's tale that if you break a bone in your hand, you'll know it because you can't wiggle your fingers.First person to post an informed, thorough answer gets ten points and positive votes on their other informed answers in other questions.
A: Yes it could be broken, & you can still move you're fingers. I broke my left hand, and could move my fingers. After I broke it, the tendons & muscles is what hurt the most. My advice to you, is go to the DR. & have an x-ray done .They put it in a hand cast ,that was removable so I could soak it in warm water, once a day .GOOD LUCK ,HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON.
How can you tell if your finger is broken or jammed?
Q: my finger is turing black and I can't barely move and it's really swollen. is it broken? or just jammed?
A: Depending on what you did it might be broken. If it has been black for over 24 hrs then it is highly likely that it's broken. Try putting some ice on it for a while and see if the swelling goes down, if it does it might just be jammed, but if not then it's broken. The best thing to do is buy a finger splint and put it on your injured finger to keep from moving it and making things worse. Apply ice to it every once and a while. If things don't get better go see a docter to get the bones correctly set.

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