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Can you live without pancreas

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It is possible to live without your pancreas provided you take insulin to regulate blood sugar concentration and pancreatic MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-live-without-pancreas ]
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Life without a pancreas Yes, you can live a full life without a pancreas. However, the moment you lose it, you will become an immediate Type 1 diabetic. The pancreas creates insulin. Without it, you must take insulin injections for the rest...
It is possible to live without a pancreas, however the main jobs the pancreas performs must be replaced. Basically, the pancreas helps regulate blood sugar, emits enzymes to breakdown foods, and controls stomach acid. Medication can general...
This one hits fairly close to home. My dad had pancreatic cancer. While doing research I heard of something called the Whipple procedure that cuts off part of the pancreas but not the entire thing. I'm not sure it's possible to live without...

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Can somebody live without a pancreas?
Q: People can live, without a galbladder, spleen, one kidney, apendix, even with out a liver (in rare cases).... But can somebody live with out pancreas? If so, what are the risk? The reason for my question is because I want to be able to donate my pancreas to a loved one who really needs it. Any info will be very helpful.
A: no you cannot survive
Can you live without your pancreas?
Q: My great uncle has pancreatic cancer and i was wondering if it was possible to live without your pancreas!
A: Many years ago, a patient without a pancreas could not survive because severe diabetes and an inability to digest food would immediately result. Today some patients can function without a pancreas, living fairly normal lives. However, they must take daily injections of insulin and pills that contain digestive enzymes for the rest of their lives. Sometimes pancreatic transplantation is an option for patients whose pancreas does not function normally.
Can you live without a pancreas?
Q: My best friend has been told she has cancer of the pancreas. She is having surgery tomorrow to see if she will be able to have more surgery later. Can the pancreas be removed or can part of it be removed. I would like some answers please because I'm worried about her.
A: Nope

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