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Can you get the same flu more than once

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We can catch the flu repeatedly year after year. However, it's rare to get flu more than once a year. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-get-the-same-flu-more-than-once ]
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Can You Get the Flu More than Once in the Same Season??
Yes. As long as you are exposed to the virus you can get it - FluShoc helps strengthen immune support for your good health.*

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I know that you can not catch the same cold more than once, but ...?
Q: Is it possible to get the same flu, or sickness more than once?I ask because, I keep getting sick lately.In the past four months or so, I have gotten sick a few times, with the same symptoms. So I am wondering if it is the same sickness, or if it is another sickness .. just with very similar symptoms.Here's some info:It's more along the lines of a 24 hour flu/virus, since the "sickness" lasts only a day usually, but is followed by me feeling lousy the next couple of days afterwards.During the "24 hr flu/virus": I'm nauseous, diarrhea, hot/cold chills, shaky, weak, slightly dizzy, exhausted, stomach cramps/ache, achy body.Then the "follow up next couple of days", I am basically just exhausted & weak, with some stomach pains still .. but no nausea etc.Has anyone else been experiencing this lately? Any idea as to what it is? Possibly a regional epidemic (I am in Ohio). A lack of some vitamin, maybe?Insight would be great. So would any info on how to avoid this, if you are one who has been experiencing the same thing.Thanks in advance.Ps. I forgot to mention that I live right next door to my sister, and her, my nephews, and my bro in law keep experiencing the same thing. So this fact tells me, that it's not some sort of disorder or personal ailment which is select to myself only. I thought that we may all be passing this sickness back and forth to each other, which brings up the question of whether or not you can get the same flu, more than once (if that is in fact what this is). My sister and nephews have all gone to the Dr, coming home with the same advice .. "Take TheraFlu", or a prescription for an antibiotic.-Wendy V,Thanks so much for such a great answer. You touched upon the entire subject .. very informative.I really appreciate it :)
A: There are always 1000's of flu virus out in the World.Once you get one particular strain of this virus then you are now immune and can not get it again. BUT you can still get another very similar strain. Once you have got that, you can not get that strain again also.When they make the flu vaccine they make it ONLY for the most rampant and dangerous strains of the virus THAT YEAR. Once youv'e had your vaccination you are now immune to the flu THAT WAS GIVEN IN THAT INJECTION. Not all the others out there.Do your sister's kids go to school? You don't say how old they are. They could be picking something up at school and then you are passing it back and forth to each other, BUT a different one every time.Even if someone has the flu and sneezed in their hand then touched a door handle, you come along and open that door using the handle. Not wash your hands and sit down for a meal, say, then your chances of getting their virus is high.It's how it's passed on.I live in Australia and we thank goodness are a few months away from flu season, but your town/city may have a few of the virus going around town.Keep your vitamin C up and get outside any time you can, when not feeling so sick.Avoid ALL contact with someone who is just a little sick. You may catch it.Wash your hands at every opportunity, without becoming obsessive.Eat well and get as much excercise as you can.
Can you get the flu more than once during a season?
Q: Does it make sense to get a flu shot after you have gotten the flu(in the same season)?
A: yeah, you can get different types.
Is the virus/flu that is going around be transmitted again to the same person once they have gotten over it?
Q: My grandson, who lives with me had a virus with high fevers for 1 week. His granfather now has the same. I am doing what ever I can to keep them apart and try to sanitize my apartment. Can my grandson be reinfected again. Id there anyother thing I do to protect him?
A: If it is the same virus, re-infection is unlikely but you never know. Hand washing is the most important precaution. Keep their towels separate, too. "Sanitizing the apartment" probably is unnecessary.

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