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Can you get ingrown eyelashes

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The medical term for the abnormal, inward growth of eyelashes is trichiasis. They need to be surgically removed by an eye doctor. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-get-ingrown-eyelashes ]
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How do you get rid of an ingrown eyelash?
ingrown eyelash? you only get ingrowns usually by plucking or shaving...are you plucking your eyelashes? or using eyelash curler? that might be why...or mascara is too dry and pulling eyelashes off. or when you are washing off eye stuff ...

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do u know if ingrown eyelashes in dogs are hertitory?
Q: what my dog has is called distichia, she is a maltese and also had the same problem with a yorkie poo before.
A: Entropion (the eyelid flips in and the lashes irritate the eye) is most definitely a genetic abnormality. Dogs (other species can have this too) with this problem should not be bred, even if the owner has it surgically corrected.
Ever hear of ingrown eyelashes?
Q: There are spaces on my eyelid where there is no eyelash only a bump that looks like an ingrown hair...What to do? Sometimes it hurts.
A: yes, its called a sty. put warm compresses on it until it comes out on its own. dont pop it, it'll cause an eye infection.
Ingrown Eyelashes!?!?!?
Q: Hi Everyone~My jack russell's eyes were really bothering her the other day, so I took her to the vet right away. My vet realized that she has ingrown eyelashes (distichia) on both eyes. The little eyelashes are poking her eye which caused a corneal ulcer in one eye. So today she has an appointment with an eye specialist.I was just wondering if anyone has had this issue with their dog and had to have surgery/other alternative to remove the ingrown eyelashes? Does anyone have any idea of the cost range of this procedure and the recovery time? Thanks any info is greatly appreciated!!!!Thanks, for your help.I am not worried about money being an issue, I was just curious because I never had this with any other dog.
A: There really is no alternative to surgery. It's common with Bloodhounds and called Entropian. I would check around for prices. I've heard heard as much as $1400 for a double and not guaranteed. My vet did it for $120 while she did the spay. Recovery is usually pretty quick, sometimes an e-collar(lampshade) will be used if the dog rubs. Hope this helps!

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