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Can you get hepatitus from drinking after someone who has it

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Are you referring to hepatitis C? You cannot get it by drinking out of the cup of someone who has it. It is transferred via blood. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-get-hepatitus-from-drinking-after-someone-who-has-it ]
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How is hepatitis contracted?
Hepatitis Risk Factors. The disease can be caused by: Infections from parasites, bacteria, or viruses (such as hepatitis A, B, or C, Liver damage from alcohol, drugs, or poisonous mushrooms, An overdose of acetaminophen, which is rare but d...
Can you get Hepatitis A from drinking after someone??
Yes you can. Not only from drinking after someone, smoking after them be it whatever, eating the same food that someone who has Hepaitis A has had, also dirty baby diapers, urine couches, fast food drive thru's are another great source fo...
Can you get hepatitis form drinking after someone?
Geoff's answer is inaccurate It is highly unlikely. First of all, there are many causes of hepaitis (though in his case, from the way he describes it, it is most likely viral hepaitis). Even with viral hepatitis there are 7 Hepatitis viruse...

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What does anyone anyone about Hepatitus can you get it by drinking after someone?
A: hepatitis is a blood borne pathogen and like all blood borne pathogens they contract pretty much the same way through blood and semen. you cannot catch it by drinking after someone anymore than you can catch aids by drinking after someone. as far as it living in the water, since hepatitis is a virus it can't live outside the body for very long
a person i work with has just been diagnosed w/ hepatitus b. should i worry about contracting it from ?
Q: say using a coffe cupthat she drank from accidentally or something like that. i just was wondering it i should get vaccinated or take some kind of precaution in the ladies room.
A: you should get vaccinated regardless, however unless you intend to have sex with her you are safe. Hep B in the same way as Hep A. You need blood seman or ohther juices like that. saliva and waste materials donot transmit the HepB virusyou shouldn't drink from the same cup and take precautions in the ladies room any as well.
What does anyone know about hepatitus C can you get it from drinking???
A: you get get hepatitus C from drink, urinary, saliva

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