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Can you get cancer from the microwave

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Microwave radiation differs from radiation produced from the sun or X-rays, in that it is non-ionizing & thus non-cancer causing. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-get-cancer-from-the-microwave ]
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Can you get cancer from using the microwave too much??
I don't think so but as a precaution I wouldn't stand close to the microwave because of the radiation. Stand a few feet away.
Can you realy get cancer from staring at microwave?I heard it has...?
Exposure to microwave radiation for extended periods may well cause certain cancers to occur. They may also cause cataracts, birth defects and other serious health problems including nervous system damage, headaches, and pacemaker interfere...
Is it true that you can get cancer from standing next to a microw...?
Some microwaves are better built that others. Some leak more radiation which does increase the ...

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What are the chances you can get cancer from your microwave?
Q: I heard you can get cancer from the rays in a microwave... What are the chances???
A: Zero.There are NO recorded conclusive instances of anyone ever "getting cancer from the rays in a microwave", and if you think about it, it doesn't even make sense; if a microwave oven malfunctioned and the microwaves were "leaking out" and heading straight for you, they would COOK you, not give you cancer! Microwave radiation is fundamentally no different than any other form of EMF (light, UV, IR, "heat", etc.), it's just energy...
Does radiation from a microwave oven cause cancer?
Q: Does standing close to a microwave increases your risk of getting cancer?
A: No. It emits non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. Ionizing radiation is the cancer causing stuff. Wiki it if you don't believe me.
Can I get cancer from standing in front of a microwave as it heats food?
Q: My parents are always telling me to not stand in front of the microwave because it supposedly "causes cancer". If you can prove that it does, make sure you send me some sort of webpage that can coroborate your answer.
A: I've read something on it... actually probably several things.We had a pamphlet thingy that talked about it... something about how a lot of appliances (not just microwaves) give off unhealthy energy... and if you get enough of it (which would probably take years), you could get cancer....I would also like to add that if you inhale the air that comes out right after you open a bag of microwaved popcorn (after it has been popped), you could get a type of cancer.

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