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Can you get an std by drinking after somebody

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It is possible to get candida from a drink or a food whether some1 has drank or ate from it or not. Be careful what you consume. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-get-an-std-by-drinking-after-somebody ]
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Can you get a std by drinking after someone?
Usually, no. The chances are slim to none. There needs to be direct contact through skin or fluids. And most STDs in fluids (that would go through drinking, like spit) die off quickly when exposed to air.
Can you get a STD from drinking after someone who has an oral STD...?
Herpes Simplex 1 and 2 can still be transmitted without the infected individual having an open sore, but drinking out of a glass of someone who is undergoing an outbreak is not recommended. The virus can be "shed" from the individ...

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Can you get an STD by drinking out of the same cup of somebody has one?
A: Quite possibly; certain STDs. Use a straw? Have them use a straw? Then don't share straws?
Why do almost all people wait until they get a serious medical problem to then start living healthy?
Q: Hi everybody! Why do almost all people wait until they get a serious medical problem to start living healthy? I'll give you some examples of what I mean in the form of questions. Why does a smoker start stopping to smoke after smoking for 50 years after they find out they got terminal lung cancer, such as emphysema? How come an alcoholic stops drinking after they kill somebody on the road while driving drunk? Why do sexually promiscuous people all of a sudden start living healthy after they get a terrible, incurable STD, like HIV/AIDS? Another example could be why do people deal begin to finally deal with their obesity and being overweight after the doctor tells them they now have heart disease or diabetes? People are weird and procrastinate by nature in my opinion. Any answers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
A: Because then it really hits them. That they aren't above everything. That they aren't the exception. They realize that they were always at risk and thinking it would never happen to them is stupid. It's a shock to them. They then realize if they continue down their current path, their life will end...sooner than it would have. Granted, there are some people that, even after being informed of their condition, they do not change, but I believe it really puts things into perspective when they are diagnosed.
What kind of std is it?
Q: So I got drunk and had sex with a girl from the bar, don't know who she was. We did some heavy kissing and she told me she like anal sex. So she rub my dick of her anus and then I put on the condom bcoz I thought u can get HIV from rubbing of anus, then we had protected anal sex and then she took of my condom and gave me unprotected oral sex. The next day I start throwing up and the after two days of incident I am having a lot of muscle pain and my stomach also hurts. I don't feel hungry and its hard to sleep at night. Its been a week now from the incident and I noticed a rash on my foot looks white and on my lower calves looks red. I am still having lots of muscle pain. Can anyone tell me what kind of std is it? Do HIV symptoms start that early? I am freaking out. Can somebody give an honest answer what is it?
A: A doctor can tell you

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