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Can you feel a blood clot

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Because they create pressure, you can feel very uncomfortable in the general area without actually feeling the exact clot spot. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-feel-a-blood-clot ]
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What does a blood clot feel like?
Deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a serious clot in the leg, can cause pain and swelling and is a very serious medical emergency, but leg pain can also be caused by a host of other things, with the most common being the infamous muscle cramp that...
What does a blood clot in your arm feel like?
Sudden and isolated pain in an leg or arm; sometimes followed by skin discoloration, tingling, numbness, or a feeling of 'cold' just below the site of pain - may suggests a large blood clot circulation may be blocked and if left untreated, ...
How does a blood clot in your leg feel?
probaby not a clot - but those are really serious! u should seek medical advice from a Dr. and not from yahoo answers!

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What would a blood clot feel like?
Q: I recently started on the pill, and apparently it is easy to get blood clots on it.I work out a lot, and my legs are often sore because of it, so I'm just wondering what would be the differentiating feeling between a blood clot and sore muscles?Or generally, what would it feel like? Would it be SUPER painfull?Thanks! :]
A: Don't quote me on this because i'm not 100% sure.But from what i've heard from a few people is that you can't really feel a blood clot.You'd probably have complications with your legs like maybe they'd feel numb. and you'd have to go in for a CT scan to see if it is in fact, a blood clot
help what does a blood clot feel like?
Q: I'm scared i cut my thigh once when i was really stressed out now its a scar(i haven't cut it in a long time)and my friend told me i could get blood clots!! Now i think i'm having one its a dull sharp pain righ on the scar and it only doesn't hurt when i put pressure on it aqnd its getting all tight and i'm really scared am i gonna die?what does a blood clot feel like?
A: Doesn't sound like a clot. It sounds more like the end stage of scar formation which involves retraction. The wound scar retracts the surrounding skin (more evident on burn cases) and might feel a little tender, esp if you are a keloid former (a really big scar formation). Take it to a clinic for better assessment.
How would a blood clot feel in your leg?
Q: I had this terrible pain in my leg. It wasn't a general pain either, it was in one spot. It hurt really bad. I couldn't move my leg because it made the pain worse. It felt a bit numb and then it felt better. There was still a tingling sensation and a little discomfort. Now it feels okay. It has happened before like once possibly twice. I just can't explain it and that kind of pain just doesn't happen. I'm pregnant but I'm not going to sit in the hospital all day if it's nothing.
A: I would guess a cramp rather than a clot. They pain would be continuous for a clot, and you may have difficulties walking. As the previous answerer said, the area may feel hot, and you leg should be a bit swollen, compared to the other.See your doctor if the pain continues.

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