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Can you die from gonorrhea

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It is highly unlikely that you will die from gonorrhea . If left untreated, woman may contract pelvic inflammatory disease. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-die-from-gonorrhea ]
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How to Treat Gonorrhea
One of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the world, gonorrhea can cause potentially serious medical complications unless you treat it promptly and properly. It can be asymptomatic,...
How can I avoid gonorrhea?
Practicing safer sex by using condoms or dams every time you have sex will protect you from gonorrhea and other STDs. Body fluids like sperm, saliva and vaginal lubricant can contain gonorrhea, but condoms and dams form a barrier between yo...
Who can get gonorrhea?
Anybody can get it, but the people who are more likely to get it are: ・ teenagers ・ people who have many sexual partners ・ people who've had sexual intercourse for the first time at a young age

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are most STDs curable or will you die from them?
Q: I was under the impression that if you get an STD, you will generally die sooner due to health complications. But after reading on the most common ones such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and HPV, these are curable with antibiotics. Does this mean it cures the disease completely, or just breakouts?
A: Not all STDs are curable, but some are.Bacterial STDs, such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis are completely curable with antibiotics. If you treat them this way, they you will successfully get rid of the infection and it will not spontaneously come back. However, this does nto mean you are immune to them. Even if you've had a bacterial STD once and successfully cured it, you can still contract it agian. Also, even though it is curable, if Syphilis is left untreated it can lead to some serious health problems and even Death. The viral STDs, such as HIV, Herpes, and HPV are NOT curable. However, most HPV infections clear up on their own and there are many treatment options; they are generally harmless unless you contract one of the strains that can lead to cervical cancer- then you may have a problem, so it is important to get checked. Herpes, although not curable and quite possibley a big nuissance, will not lead to death. HIV, if progressed to AIDS, is certainly fatal; however, with a strict meds regimen, a good diet, lots of exercise, and overall good health practices, people living HIV can lead very long, healthy lives nowadays. So to sum it up, STDs are not death sentences. However, all STDs pose the risk of creating other health problems that you will not want to deal with, so it is still important to be safe and use protection. Also, upon possible exposure to an STD, it is best to be tested as soon as possible so you can be treated as soon as possible to try to minimize complications.
does a person cured from gonorrhea still can have babies?
Q: I had gonorrhea but cured almost 6yrs now when I was pregnant and on my 8th month..husband got from a girl then.. when baby comes out think he was early, then his eyes was infected but given med and now doing ok..both of us injected with med few days after I gave birth..I just worry most of the time..can I have babies still? my hubby died from diff.illness but I still worry and want someday will get preg? I consulted an OB-gyne and ask same question and had test..and told me Im fine and still can have babies..I just want to hear and make sure about it..Thank you and need the reply..lee
A: Gonorrhea can effect fertility. Check the link below for more information.Good luck!
How long can gonorrhea live in open air? How long does a cure take to work?
Q: I know that with semen, HIV dies when it has been in open air for three seconds or more; and with blood, HIV is not transmittable once the blood dries. Whatabout for Gonnorhea? And how long do anti-biotics take before they start to work on the disease?
A: If it lives in the air, for a while, but not that long. Ask a doctor. A cure takes some time, but not that long. Ask a doctor.

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