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Can you die from an abscessed tooth infection

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Any abscessed tooth has the potential to become a life threatening situation. Infection of a tooth in the lower jaw can MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-die-from-an-abscessed-tooth-infection ]
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What are the signs of a serious infection from an abscessed tooth...?
Throbbing inside the gum under the tooth. When you bend over you can feel a pressure. If not looked after by your dentist it can cause pain in your jaw and ear. Unless you go months (which you won't because of the pain) it's not fatal, but ...
Are there non-prescription over the counter for bacteria infectio...?
An infection due to an abscess requires an anti-biotic. In the US, you need a prescription. If you're near the Canadian or Mexican border, then you can buy an antibiotic there without a prescription. Just go to the dentist. He'll probably p...
What can you do to take the pain and infection out of an abscesse...?
Any antibiotic will help your problem, but it will not fix it. An abscess can be life threatening, especially since you stated you have at least one other tooth that has an active infection also. If you cannot afford a root canal, then you ...

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can a person die from a tooth abscess?
Q: my lil brother died last month from what the autopsy report said a bacteria infection caused by a tooth abcess.my family and I cannot believe this because my lil bro was very strong & into sports & was in tip top shape to all of a sudden die from a tooth infection!
A: Infections travel by blood and a infected tooth is very close to the brain.Sorry for your loss.
Have you ever known anyone who died of an Abscessed tooth?
Q: And if it was due to infection, was the infection soley to blame from the abscessed tooth?
A: This case happened earlier this year, very sad!Chicago—March 1, 2007—The Washington Post, on Wednesday, February 28, 2007, reported that a twelve-year-old boy in the Washington D.C. area, Deamonte Driver, had died of complications resulting from an untreated dental abscess, after bacteria from the untreated tooth had spread to his brain. Deamonte had undergone two brain surgeries and more than six weeks of hospital care. This story highlights what the Surgeon General called in 2000, a “silent epidemic” of dental disease that affects our most vulnerable citizens–poor children, the elderly, and many members of racial and ethnic minority groupsJAMRDH -a dental hygienist
Can you pull a abscessed tooth?
Q: I had a abscess wisdom tooth and my oral surgeon did not put me on any antibiotcs and pulled it the next day...I have heard since then that your NOT supposed to pull a abscessed tooth b/c the infection can spread...this has really scared me...can I die from another infection?? Was the safe to pull without the abscess being under control of antibiotics?? thanks
A: Usually the abcess comes out with the tooth. You should be fine, but if your really worried have the dentist prescibe some antibiodics. Keep the area clean and rince with warm water and salt, it should be healed up in no time.Feel better:)

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