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Can you catch mono twice

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Generally, most people only ever get mononucleosis once, but the virus can reactivate and some people can get it twice. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-catch-mono-twice ]
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Is it possible to catch mononucleosis / mono twice?
Yes, but it's rare to catch it multiple times (over long period of time). If it hasn't been that long since the last time you had it, it might be just that your body hasn't quite suppressed the virus (Epstein Barr virus) yet or its reactiva...
Is it possible to catch mononucleosis twice during life??
Talk to your doctor. You may be able to shed the Epstein-Barr virus for over a year after infection, but I don't know if you are likely to be able to infect others. Once you have had mono, I doubt that you can contract it again because your...

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is it possible to catch mononucleosis / mono twice?
Q: is it possible to catch mononucleosis / mono twice?please answer...i really need to know.............
A: Yes it is...
Is it possible to have mono twice?
Q: In all honesty here. I had mono just about two years ago. Well atleast I was told that I did. The test came back negative but the doctor insisted that if caught early enough it won't trigger the test. But now i'm feeling it again. completely weak and tired. sore throat, big lymph nodes. I'm incredibly anemic but this has been going on for a couple weeks. I need to know if I should go to the doctor or if I should just get over it.
A: Yes, my daughter had it once. Then about a couple years later her boyfriend caught it from her.
What are my chances of getting mono?
Q: Hello,My boyfriend has mono, I kissed him the night before he started getting symptoms, I've never had a the flu, or been really sick. I've only had chicken poxs. Im healthy person.I would say my immune system is pretty good because I never get sick, I've been sick only twice in my whole 18 years of life.So what are the chances of me catching mono.
A: It is hard to say what your chances of getting mono are exactly. Most cases of infectious mononucleosis are caused by a virus called Ebstein Barr virus, which can be transmitted via saliva contact. This is why it is known as the kissing disease. This virus is actually not spread easily. Mono can occur in individuals with perfectly healthy immune systems. Your chance of getting mono is higher because of your contact with your boyfriend, but this does not mean that you will definitely will get it. The virus can be shed in the saliva for up to 18 months. Therefore your boyfriend may be able to infect you with the virus for a long period of time even after he clinically recovers. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to prevent it besides avoiding the exposure, such as not kissing. Sorry, good luck.

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