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Can sour milk make you sick

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Yes, drinking a significant amount of soured milk can cause food poisoning or other unpleasant effects. We don't recommend it! ChaCha us again soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-sour-milk-make-you-sick ]
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Can drinking sour milk make you sick or does it just smell and lo...?
I don't think the milk will make you sick. Lots of things have buttermilk in them and if you don't have buttermilk you can substitute fresh milk to which you have added vinegar--that results in sour milk. The flavor might be different, but ...
How to make SOUR MILK
・ 1 Pour out the amount of milk you need for your particular recipe. Let it get to room temperature. To... ・ 2 Now you are going to add vinegar or lemon juice to the milk to make it sour. I prefer vinegar but lemon... ・ 3 Stir in the vinega...
What Can You Make With Sour Milk?
I went to google & found this use for milk...not so sure I'd try & make cheese w/just a quart but you can try it: So you go to pour milk on your Cheerios and you notice it's slightly sour. Not like, nasty, curdled chunks-spoiled, bu...

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Can sour milk make you sick?
Q: Just went to the fridge for something to drink -- only thing there to drink was a little Milk -- so I drank it down --I didn't realize it was sour until I swallowed about a cup of it ... my question is --Can sour milk make you sick ? that will teach me not to drink out of the carton --or maybe not -- Thanks for any answers
A: If it was contaminated to make it sour it might, because the germs liike to live and multiply in mik. It could get contaminated by drinking out of the carton. But generally, no, it will not make you sick. It sours in the stomach anyway. It is used in cooking, cheese is made from sour milk. Yogurt is sour milk. Some times you sour milk on purpose for recipes.
Can drinking sour milk make you sick or does it just smell and look bad?
Q: I was making some scrambled egges when i poured some milk into the eggs and noticed it was a tad lumpy an smelled like shizzit or rotten cheese but the expiration date is 12.6. If I cook the eggs and eat em, you think i'll get sizzick?
A: think of it like this: there's bacteria poo in there!i would NOT drink it.
How do you get the smell of baby sick/sour milk out of sofa cushions?
A: Mix solution of 1 tbsp. white vinegar and 2 cups warm water. Note: When I was younger my mom used to soak my step fathers feet in vodka. Vodka is odorless and should help kill bacteria. Not sure if that will help sour milk smell but its worth a try.

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