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Can people die from an allergic reaction

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Yes. Each year in the US, over 400 people die from allergic reactions to penicillin. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-people-die-from-an-allergic-reaction ]
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Do 150 people die of peanut allergic reactions ever year??
It is not true that 150 people die of peanut allergic reactions every year. Approximately, 150 people die of all food allergic reactions every year.
What kinds of reactions do people with food allergy have??
One of the important characteristics of reactions in food allergy is that the reaction typically occurs within minutes and always within one to two hours after eating the food. Another characteristic is that reactions occur each and every t...
Does blue cheese cause an allergic reaction in some people??
yes,it does some peole can turn blue.

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Can dogs die from an allergic Reaction?
Q: I'm really scared. My dog is having an allergic reaction because he got shots today. His eyes are swollen, he won't stop itching, and his tounge is really wet. My mom gave him benedril and she said she wont take him to the hospital unless the benedril doesn't kick in in a couple minutes. I'm allergic to peanuts and benedril doesnt help me when I'm having an allergic reaction. Will my dog be okay? I will be so thankful for who ever answers my question. Please help me quickly!
A: Benadryl is very effective for allergic reactions in dogs. In fact, if you were to take your dog to the vet they would most likely give Benadryl. It is always possible for an animal to die from an allergic reaction to vaccines, but it is very rare. Benadryl usually does the trick. Make sure your mom gave the correct dose of Benadryl. Its roughly 1 mg/lb. A common mistake is that owners wont give enough.
Can someone who has an allergic reaction to penicillin die from minor skin contact with amoxicillin?
A: No, they will surelly not die with skin contact with amoxicillin as you need the drug to enter to your body for it to cause a severe allergic reaction. Also, not everyone who is allergic to penicillin is also allergic to amoxacillin, especially if the allergy to penicillin was mild.
Can You die from an allergic reaction to sulfites?
A: Well, in general, yeah, if the allergy is severe enough. The important factor in how dangerous an allergy can be is not what triggers it, so an allergy to anything can be deadly in the right (or wrong) person.

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