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Can milk rot your teeth

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Yes, milk has sugars in it like many other foods and drinks that will cause cavities without proper tooth care such as brushing. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-milk-rot-your-teeth ]
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Does milk rot your teeth?
No i dont think milk rots your teeth but coke-a-cola rots them :D
Will my toddler's teeth rot because she drinks milk at night??
if she is that old she doesn't need milk in the middle of the night (or after you brush her teeth for that matter) give her water instead and start weaning her off the bottle immediately, she should be using a sippy cup by now and you shoul...
What tooth rots fastest in pop milk or juice?
i not sure cus ur question is not clear i dont know wat tooth but your teeth rots faster in juice

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does milk rot your teeth?
Q: so sometimes i ill drink some milk right before i pass out and i was wondering if it rots your teeth, haven't you ever woken up with that bad taste in your mouth?
A: No i dont think milk rots your teeth but coke-a-cola rots them :D
Can a 3 year olds teeth rot if they drink milk when they go to bed?
Q: My sister told me to stop giving my daughter a cup at night time, she said milk will rot her teeth... but i don't think so... i know that if i give her pop or juice or something with alot of sugar in it that will but not milk... some one help me out!!!
A: Milk CAN rot teeth, but not in the sense you are talking about. No difference in drinking a glass of milk during the day. Best thing tough would be to give her the glass of milk, then brush her teeth afterwards before going to bed.
My 17 month old still wakes up once in the night for a small cup of milk. Can this rot his teeth?
Q: I know baby bottles at night can rot their teeth but I never have heard of any one talk about cups rotting the teeth. He goes to sleep on his own and does not walk around with a sippy cup in his mouth. I have tried giving him water when he wakes up but he wants that milk. Do I have any reason to worry? Thanks
A: its' nothing to worry about. think about it. even when he doesn't have milk, he'll still have saliva in his mouth, which also causes damage - but nothing can be done to prevent it.if you are worried that the sugar in the milk (lactose) is going to damage his teeth, water the milk a little more each time until it's pretty much all water

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