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Can humans get tapeworms from dogs

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Although rare, some canine tapeworms can be transmitted to humans. Got more questions? ChaCha has answers! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-humans-get-tapeworms-from-dogs ]
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Can a human get a tapeworm from a dog??
"Yes, but the risk of infection is low." Humans usually do not get tapeworms from dogs, especially adult humans. The most common way one would get a parasite is fecal-oral. Or also in the case of tapeworm, swallowing an infected f...
How Do Humans Get Tapeworms From Dogs?
Diseases and afflictions that can be passed on from dogs to humans are called zoonotic diseases. The most common zoonotic afflictions come from fleas and ticks that jump from dogs to their owners....
Can humans get tapeworms and hookworms from dogs?
Yes, that is why it is always recommended that you wash your hands throughly after petting or playing with an animal.

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can humans get tapeworms from cats and dogs and if so how?
A: Yes and no. The tapeworms of dogs and cats cannot infect humans and become adult tapeworms in them. HOWEVER, it is well known that the dog tapeworm echinococcus can infect humans, grow to a larval form and cause awful disease.In this sort of infection, the infected dog passes echinococcus eggs in his poop. That poop very mysteriously ends up in your food. You eat dog poop with tapeworm eggs in it.Excuse me, I just had to throw up after I typed that. Anyway, the echinococcus larvae hatch in your intestine and they WRIGGLE THEIR PARASITIC WAY STRAIGHT OUT OF IT INTO YOUR OTHER ORGANS, LIKE LITTLE ALIENS, into your lungs...liver...spleen..brains...bone...etc. In those places they realize they arent going anywhere and they form cysts, called hydatid cysts. But those larvae cant become adult tapeworms in humans, they just cant. Unless you die of hydatid disease and a dog or coyote eats you. You could make a movie about that.Are you sick yet? I sure am. Please dont eat dog poop.
Can people catch Dwarf Tapeworms from dogs?
Q: I know humans can catch Dwarf Tapeworms but I need to know if we get the same ones dogs do. My moms dog was diagnosed with dwarf tapeworms and she's been sleeping in the bed with my mom.
A: Hymenolepis nana also known as Dwarf Tapeworm is passed to humans only if your mom was licking your dogs anus or eating its poop. OR petting your dogs butt were some worm segments may cling then licking her fingers directly afterwards. Its not likely unless your family is particularly dirty and you do some intimate things with your dogs that normal people do not. Wash her bedding, bath your dog regularly and get medication to rid the dog of worms now.
can humans get tapeworms and hookworms from dogs?
A: Yes, that is why it is always recommended that you wash your hands throughly after petting or playing with an animal.

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