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Can eating poop kill you

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Eating feces is extremely hazardous to your health. It contains bacteria and other body waste that can hurt you if eaten. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-eating-poop-kill-you ]
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Can eating poop kill you?
Yes, because the bacteria and germs in the poop would make you extremely ill, and i wouldn't consider eating it.
What will happen if you kill a pigeon then eat it with out cleani...?
{First a short aside to Chris J.} Yes, we hillbillies DO have internet access. What with solar panels and satellite and all. AND we are out here y'all. Everywhere abouts, so be careful. To Answer the Question. YES, you may most certainly ea...

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Can eating poop kill you?
Q: My dog eats crap all the time, and he seems ok.
A: well guess you answered your own question but your not a dog, so stick to food not poop
if a dog eats poop will it kill them or harm them?
Q: my dog ate poop is this harmful and how do i get it stuck out of his throat
A: Eating poop is not harmful in itself, but the diseases carried in the poop could cause a problem.Parvo and several parasites are transmitted through feces.
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Q: Already three of my cars have been vandalized by mice. They build nests under the hood and even eat the plastic reservoirs (coolant & windshield fluid), including wires, padding, etc. What is the best way to stop them from vandalizing my car?I don't think I can use rat poison or mouse traps because I have a puppy that is NUTS and will eat just about anything. He has eaten cat litter & poop, dead snake and other gross stuff.I do have kittens but they are at father's because the puppy harrasses them all daly long. The kittens try to stratch his eyes out while trying to protect themselves... so that's a no go.
A: Berate them, nag them, be mean to them until they kill themselves.*chuckle* Just kidding. Why not leave them some of the materials they love so much and add a little bit of poison along with the "donations"? It may be a chore to keep the puppy away, but it's probably your best option. That, or call an exterminator.

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