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Can a person die from staph infection

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Yes, people can die from MRSA staph infections. Current statistics show that the mortality rate is estimated to be between 4%-10%. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-a-person-die-from-staph-infection ]
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What is the probability of a healthy person getting/dying a staph...?
Staph infections can KILL. Seriously. Listen to your mom.
Can cats give a person a staph infection?
A cats bite can transfer Staph bacteria Many cat bites can transfer Staff or the Pasteurella multocida bacteria. Because of the multitude of bacteria in a cats mouth, most puncture wounds will require a course of oral or intravenous antibio...
How Long Should A Person With A Staph Infection Be Kept From Work...?
If a person has infection, best to wear gloves and only work with foods that need to be cooked as cooking process will destroy most infections. No bare hands with something served raw. Best to check with doctor to get all clear

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what is the probability of a healthy person getting/dying a staph infection?
Q: im thinking about getting my belly button pierced...and my mom told me i could have the possibility of getting a staph infectionim very young 14, very healthy, and i rarely get sick, and im pretty sure i have a very strong immune systemim more concerned about the seriousness of iti dont want stupid answers [sorry]this is something very serious to me and i am taking HUGE precautionsive been researching about the care, good places to get it done, infections and things that i could get, etc.
A: Staph infections can KILL. Seriously. Listen to your mom.
Can you get a staph infection by kissing someone's hand?
Q: My Nana just passed and they think that she died of a heart attack caused by an infection, possibly a staph infection. Anyway, when I told her goodbye, I held her hand and then kissed her hand before they took the tubes out. My bottom lip was chapped and swollen, due to allergies, but I kissed her hand anyway. Anyway, what I was wondering, was can you get a staph infection from kissing a person's hand?No. The skin on her hand was smooth and closed, no open wounds, just elderly.....skin. And I couldn't kiss her forehead I couldn't get to it, the machine was in the way, and they wouldn't move it, it was the machine that helped her breathe, so I had to content myself with holding her hand...
A: Did she have any open wounds that were infected? If not, & she DID have staph it was probably in her blood. Staph is transmitted by contact, which means you'd have to come in contact with the infection to get it. So unless she had an open infected wound on her hand, you most likely did not contract staph from her.
Staph infection via skin contact?
Q: The only place I can remember reading that people can be infected with staph via skin contact and a small number of people die from such infections is here on Y!A. Would someone please post a link to a credible source (no offense to the person who told me the previous statement, but I don't know you) that supports or refutes the former?
A: Sure. Here's the CDC link for resistant staph aureus.http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dhqp/ar_mrsa_ca_public.htmlHere's staph from the mayo clinic sitehttp://www.mayoclinic.com/health/staph-infections/DS00973

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