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Can a person be allergic to fleas

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You can be allergic to almost anything but usually flea bites cause itching and red bumps which is normal. Take some Benadryl. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-a-person-be-allergic-to-fleas ]
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Can a person be allergic to sand fleas bite?
in some cases yes! But if you have had a reaction or you've been bitten...take some anti-hystemin...but make sure you ask someone about it at the chemist or pharmacy first..

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can a person be allergic to sand fleas bite?
A: anyone can be allergic to anything
if you are allergic to fleas can you get a dog?
Q: a person is allergic to fleas not the dog
A: Yes- just don't allow your dogs to get fleas. I am allergic to flea and mosquito bites- I know- weird. But I have had dogs my whole life and it hasn't really been an issue for me except one dog we had as a kid- we could never seem to get rid of the fleas she had so I have multiple scars on my arms and legs from the bites and spent lots of time on benadryl. lol!
Anyone ever have a child who was allergic to flea bites?
Q: My son is extremely allergic to flea bites/mosquito bites. Normally I don't think a person can even tell if a flea bit them, but it does something to my son and he itches so bad until he finally breaks the skin. His legs look terrible. But we live in the south and the grass and everything is loaded with them and they won't go away until it starts to get cold. I took him to the doctor, he just gave me itch cream. I don't want to give him an antihistamine(sp) because they knock him out. But I have just started giving him garlic tablets, the non smell type, because I heard that will help. Has anyone else had this problem? Anything that worked for you?
A: I havent had it but my fren was like that, and garlic tablets work.

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