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Are back problems hereditary

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There is a study that claims 60 percent of all back pain is due to defective genes. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/are-back-problems-hereditary ]
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Are back problems hereditary?
My father had spondulolosthesis which is a displacement of the lowest vertebrae. Now I and both my brothers have it and now my eldest son has it, so yes it can be hereditary, but not all the family, just males.Still wait for your results, g...

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Are back problems hereditary?
Q: My father had cancerous tumours on his spine, I've had back problems for a while now. I went to the doctors today, and he wants to do blood tests and urine samples etc, to check if I haven't got anything dodgy going on.I've had pains in the base of my spine, and muscle spasms sometimes so bad I can't sit up.Can anyone help?
A: go for a normal checkup and don't' get tensed. i don't think it has anything to do with hereditary and you will get well very soon.
Do you have any idea how I could have developed these back problems?
Q: I have degenerative disc disease (arthritis) and 2 slipped discs. Are back problems hereditary?
A: I have the same problems that you have, but mine are not hereditary. They are probably due to bad posture, straining of muscles and other well known reasons that your doctor can tell you about. I know that no one in my family has these problems.
Should people with hereditary mental problems not have children?
Q: I'm not picking on people with mental problems since I am bi polar as is my 2 of my 3 siblingings, my mother, my grandfather, his father and a number of cousins.So wouldnt it it make sense for me and my sisters and cousins for instance to not have children so the hereditary mental problems won't continue?
A: If I had known what I know now. I personally wouldn't have had a child. There is always the possibility that the medical field will find a way to correct the Bipolar Disorder at the genetic level but I think that is way in the future.All I know is that it is very difficult for me to even imagine my child and her offspring suffering even a small portion of what I've encountered due to Bipolar. The torment can be intense.

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