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by on July 1st, 2014
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Are you looking to make some extra money? Some people need extra money for the basics and necessities while others earn it for extras such as luxuries and pampering. I have been in both positions where I needed a little extra for the basics. Now I am fortunate enough to where I want extra money for treats for myself.

I am on several Work at Home or Paid to sites. Different people call these sites different things. A lot of these types of sites are scams or scammy while others are perfectly legit and up and up. I have had mostly hits with very few misses.

I am going to write about three sites that work for me. I have made money on all these sites while enjoying myself and having fun. It does not feel like work. I often go to these sites to relax.

Fusion Cash is one of the first Work at Home sites that I joined. I have been with Fusion Cash just going on two years and have earned over $200. It is possible to earn much more in a two year period. This site has a BBB rating with The Better Business Bureau. Like many of these types of sites, you can earn in a variety of ways such as taking offers and completing surveys. FC has a great members forum — so good, I jokingly say, that it should be copyrighted. Members get $3 a month for 30 quality posts and it is very easy to attain that goal.

There are critics of FC and members who are very unhappy. Sometimes you do a survey or complete an offer and don’t get credit. There is a glitch of some kind and nothing can be done. You will not get credit. it has happened to me and it has happened to every member on FC. I think that this also happens on other sites. Some other members have had other problems, such as problems with the advertiser. You do need to carefully read all instructions and directions as well as Fusion Cash rules.

I have completed offers and did not get credit. But I got credited more than I did not. And when it is all said and done, I am very happy with FC.

Another site that I like as much as Fusion Cash is Swagbucks. This is a bigger site than FC. And it offers the same kind of opportunities as FC but more of them. Swagbucks has a great search bar and you will get generously rewarded for using it. It is easy to reach cash out. Many member prefer the $5 Amazon gift card while I prefer the $5 to paypal when I am able to cash out. I have been with this site since last January and have just cashed out for the16th time .

Mylot is a recent site that I joined. I have been with mylot about 6 months, cashing out one time and am getting close to my second time. Mylot is a discussion site. You get paid to begin a discussion or respond to one. You can begin a discussion on just about every topic, within reason. You get paid for posting whether you begin a discussion or respond to one.

Myot has an algorithym or formula that determines how much you get paid. The formula is very secretive and no one really knows how total earnings is determined — no one but the very top people. Mylotters are not allowed to discuss specific earning. Doing so can get you booted off of mylot. So no one knows what anyone else earns per day or per month. Participation is the key to earnings. The more that you participate, the more that you earn. You will see your earnings updated every morning but you will not be able to figure out how it was determined. Earnings tend to be on the low side but they are steady and do add up.

However, the discussions and responses have become more important than the money. I have learned a lot by being on mylot (no pun intended). In fact, that is how I first heard about sites like Associated Content. And I have had some success with AC.

Many mylotters have been on the site many years and are very devoted. One thing that I really like and appreciate about mylot is that it is open to the international community. There are mylotters from all over the world — many countries. I love hearing from these persons and learning from them.

These are three of my favorite sites. I have earned money from all these site. They are legit. They seem to be on solid ground. I do not think they will going poof in the night but you never really know about these types of online sites.

I am going to briefly mention other sites that I am on and have earned from. These sites are Inbox Dollars, Send Earnings, Quick Rewards, ClixSense and MySurvey (a survey site). I have earned from all these sites and continue to earn. They are legit and have been around for a bit. They also all seem to be on solid ground. And most importantly, I like all these sites and enjoy being with them.

I want to mention something that I really like about Quick Rewards. You can request payment at any amount, even 25 cents, and you will be paid almost instantly. I have requested payment in the morning and got my money that evening.

Regarding earnings. I have made a little money on all these sites. It is easily possible to make much more than what I have made. Others members do. My time is limitted. I am not able to devote as much time to these sites as I would like to. I can not get referrals which is a key to good earnings. Maybe you can. I seldom qualify for surveys on these sites because I work in market research.

I am not the last word on Work at Home sites. All the sites that I have mentioned in this article have fans as well as critics. All these sites have pluses and all have negatives. There are other sites out there that are equally as good, maybe even better, but I have been writing about the ones that I am personally familiar with and feel comfortable recommending to others.

I guarantee you that if I am making money on these sites, so can you.

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