What to Pack for Disney

by on October 30th, 2014
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I recently planned our vacation to Disney World. I got so wrapped up in finding the best deal on a hotel, Disney World park tickets and an airplane flight that I did not even think about packing until the last minute. Here are some ideas on what to pack that I wished I would have thought of a little sooner.

The first thing I wished I would have thought of earlier what was I was going to wear in Disney. I outgrew all my shorts years ago. Considering our trip was in August I did not want to sweat any more than I had to by wearing Capris. I figured sundresses might get a little awkward on the roller coasters, so off to the store I went. I ended up buying cotton gym shorts and basic plain t-shirts. It was as cool as I could get without actually walking around in a bathing suit. It also went well with the recommended pair of sneakers to wear to help your poor feet walk the average 7-12 miles per day.

Traveling with a five-year old is never easy, but a little extra effort can go a long way for saving your sanity. I found a ton of items the day before we left at the local dollar store that helped a lot. A lot of dollar stores carry Disney materials. I found Mickey Mouse tote bags for one dollar. I used these to pack snacks for the car ride. I also used one to make a toy treasure bag. I bought a bunch of small toys that were Disney themed and filled the bag. I pulled out a new toy every hour or so for my son. Some of the favorite hits were a Winnie the Pooh kaleidoscope, a Mickey Mouse coloring book, a slinky and a magic ink notebook. Keeping with the Disney World theme we brought Disney movies to watch in the travel DVD player on the way. This kept the focus more on the excitement of the trip and less on “are we there yet” questions.

I packed a small backpack to carry our stuff around in at the park. I was able to fit all the essential in it, including miniature battery-operated fans, ponchos, sunscreen (travel size), aspirin, neon glow sticks, frozen water bottles of water and snacks to munch on. The bag was small enough that it did not get in the way on any rides.

Do not stress too much about forgetting something though. Pretty much anything you could ever imagine needing while at Disney can be purchased at the parks. And of course, pretty much anything you never imagined needing is there as well. Enjoy!

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