Ways to Display Stained Glass Panels on Windows

by on November 7th, 2010
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High-quality stained glass panels can be mounted over existing windows to provide privacy and beauty. They boast colorful illuminated designs when light passes through. At night they can be viewed from the exterior of the home when interior lights are on. During the daylight hours they are interior works of lighted art, especially on the sunniest days.

I purchased four framed stained glass panels to hang over large windows in an enclosed porch. They looked phenomenal. Those that commented thought that I had purchased new windows that included interior panes of stained glass. The way in which I had hung the panes gave them a built-in appearance. Read on to discover how to hang stained glass panels over windows as well as one other energy-efficient and more permanent option. The results can be absolutely stunning.

How to Hang Framed Panels Over Windows

Dropping a stained glass panel will likely result in breakage, and suction cups are not enough to hold the weight. When I hung my stained glass panels over existing windows I used very thin filament wire and secure hardware. The panels were suspended from the nearly imperceptible wire. From a distance the filament was virtually invisible.

The key was keeping the panels centered. Vibrations and whatnot could cause the panels to shift. I applied very small pieces of poster putty that matched the frames of the stained glass panels. It effectively secured the frames and prevented shifting, and the wire filament kept the fragile works of art from falling to the floor below.

It Can be Hermetically Sealed Between Panes

For those that want to use stained glass in one of the most secure, energy-efficient ways, consider having it sealed between permanent panes. Window professionals can hermetically seal the panes and create colorful windows that are beautiful and insulated more than other top-rated varieties.

My cousin had beautiful stained glass panels sealed in between panes of window glass. Each one represented a season, and it was unlike typical window designs found in churches and turn-of-the-century homes. On the contrary it was contemporary by design and very unique.

Not all stained glass designs are comprised of flowers, religious figures and random shapes separated by lead channels. A talented stained glass artist can create anything. The options are only limited by the talent to design it and the imagination.

Source: Personal Design and Decorating Experience

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